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You all talk too much... Answered

Why else would the number of Forum threads have just hit 10,000?



That picture...story of my life...

ok, I'll bite, what does "word" refer to ?

It's slang, basically, "you speak the truth", or "right on", or "amen"

(It was originally word up, but word' is more commonly used)

ok, thanks (I DID find word up in my initial Google search, but wasn't certain...)

Trying to be hip and jiggy with it, I understand.

I am getting too old to do much jiggy-ing LOL

I tend to throw out my back easily LOL

LOL, what happened to your avatar?

The Mr. Spock side of my multiple personality took over ;-)

Aw...that's the only avatar of yours I don't like. But meh, its yours. What do I matter?

I like it.

In fact, I may change to capt. Janeway or 7 of 9 to show my solidarity.

Hmm, Janeway, from what I gather on the Web, was hated by a lot of former Star Trek fans.....something about the show, Voyager rubbed them the wrong way I guess :-) Anyways, I don't normally keep any one Avatar up overly long :-) If I had a favorite, besides the one's showing the T-shirt, I would have to say these two:


Yes, I and never got why. I loved voyager. It's my favorite one.

Ha-the animated one...

Well, I think it was mostly the SUPER geek set that really disliked the show, since ever time they were in a "pickle" as it were, they just "made up" science as they went along. In a way, that was a little bit much sometimes too.

Oh, yeah, I see what you mean. I think you're right

But to me it's like, I enjoy it, but, c'mon, it's ALL made up! I always want to tell the people who get all worked up over it, "This isn't real."


One of the Star Trek movies ( I believe) had Isaac Asimov as the science adviser, and the original series had these: Isaac Asimov as a science adviser for some episodes, Harlan Ellison and Theodore Sturgeon turning in scripts and Robert Heinlein promoting the show favorably and giving tacit approval for a borrowed story idea in another script, I'm surprised Ray Bradbury wasn't on the roster!

Wow! I didn't know that. So they didn't entirely just pull the science out of a hat...

no, not in most of the early series....but if you read the book: The Physics of Star Trek by Mr. Krauss (Stephen Hawking's teacher and mentor) so a quote from him: "I use Star Trek as a hook for {exploring} something in the real universe," Krauss says. "I believe the real universe is more interesting than anything in Star Trek."
After reading that, you realize that, although theoretically possible in a universe with unlimited amounts of power, many of the things on the show are impossible in reality.

Hmm, that is "more" possible (quantum physics may come into play there) then say, the transporter, which would need all the energy known to exist in the entire galaxy to transport one person down to the planets surface IF there was a waiting "receiver" mechanism. :-)

I think I'd rather have a replicator than a transporter...*hopes higgs-boson particle is discovered. Soon.*

Well, with quantum physics, you just "make" designer molecules....so if you no longer have a use for an old pillow, you simply turn it into a turkey sandwich LOL

I know....that is the fiction half......I kind of like Sci-fi to be Science in a fictional setting, but that is not always possible either :-)

Oh, yeah! I had actually heard that before-that Uhura (?) 's earpiece thingie inspired the earbuds of today. That is so cool!

I'm no big fan of Star Trek. That's just it. Adrian Monk, you are such a suck up. No one asked if you liked it......

Now that's not very nice :-( Have you viewed "Enterprise"...the kind of Star Trek prequel ?

It's not just Star Trek. At the risk of being hated by everyone here, I state that I do no enjoy most sci-fi related merchandise, films, series, pancakes and action figures.

I just don't really like sci-fi......I do enjoy some sci-fi.....

And no, I have not..

You don't know like sci-fi pancakes? I mean, I could live with the rest... but that will not stand, man!

Well, depending on your actual likes in other areas, if you have not read Isaac Asimov's set of short stories called "I,Robot" (which, BTW is NOTHING like the movie which did not draw from the book in the least little bit)....you can sample some of the short stories (library) without a large investment of time, and see if, what I call "real" Sci-fi is appealing.....to many Sci fi stories are missing the "Sci" (science) as it were.

>did not draw from the book in the least little bit SO true...

Keith-kid, I'm not a suck up. I'm just joining the discussion. It was a total coincidence-honestly, I didn't even notice who he was talking to. I happen to be a Star Trek fan, and I like it.

I don't know why you are upset with me. If I have inadvertently offended you in some way by word or deed, for this I humbly apologize.

How many personalities do u have anyway?

Last time I checked there were over 500 "faces" in my library ;-)

Some, prefer I, over others LOL

They're mostly your beard. The many shades: Memoirs of my beard

Hmmphr, time, there was, when a beard I did not spout. ;-)


Ick-I'm not old, but I just pulled a muscle doing a front flip on the trampoline...

You don't have to be old to pull a muscle, but once one gets older, they pull those muscles getting out of soft sofas, etc forget the trampoline LOL

word up yo (sorry, i felt a impulse to post that...)