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You are not me, and you are not funny by trying to be me. Answered

So lately there have been some dumbasses on the site (I'm looking at you, "DJ_SPLENDIFERIOUS") who think that imitating me, my phrases, or my avatars will be cool because I'm so awesome.  All you people are really doing is wearing out my style.  Nobody can be me better than myself, so why bother trying?

I decided to take a look at the world population, and I see that there are 6,809,972,000 people in the world as of the 2009 census.  So that means there are 6,809,971,999 people that are not me, and therefore should stop wasting their time imitating me. 

Now I know that not everybody imitates me, but the main point is that only I can be me, and everyone else is just wearing out my style.



*turns picture around to face Mykhalio*

I am not the one posting a topic every time someone pisses me off.

*Turns picture to face DJ*
Eh? When do I claim not to? I'm just pointing out his utter hypocrisy. Whenever he is in danger of losing or has already lost an argument, he just posts that picture.

I post it when I see something NOT worth caring about.  This does not fall into that category. 

How the hell is that hypocrisy anyways? 

You post it at the end of long arguments that you have losing. How is that not hypocrisy?

Because Hypocrisy means that you contradict something.  How is that contradicting anything?

Long arguments. Why spend time arguing on a point you don't care about?

Clearly you care, otherwise you would not have replied to my original comment. You further solidified this by continuing to reply.

How about because I have nothing better to do?

I wasn't the one who posted that picture here.  I never said I didn't care in this argument.

Rhetorical question; there is always something better to do.

Again, it was a satirical post.

Nobody said it was Rhetorical until AFTER I answered.

Again?  This was the first time you told me.

You should have been able to tell it was rhetorical.

Rhetorical- adj; Used for persuasive effect.

Aye, the first time I told you, but not the first time I posted it in this topic. 

How the heck was that question persuasive?  It didn't persuade anything from me.  

It was used in an attempt to persuade anyone reading (you aren't the only one on the internet) my comment that the reason an argument becomes a long argument is that both belligerents care about what is being debated.

Nobody noticed that you were trying to persuade someone.  Well at least I didn't.

Hence the "Well at least I didn't." part of my comment.

I like long arguments. Can I join in? *RABBLE* *RABBLE* *RABBLE*!!

That is what prompted me to say what I said.

lol Yeah that's why I threw in my comment :P

That was meant to go towards DJ. Reply button wasn't working well. Anywho, at least my comment fit.

(Huh. Never saw that picture by him. Whatever though.) You care enough to keep on "turning the picture to face DJ"
But whatever. I'll admit that it's no big deal. I don't want to start a stupid fight on someone else (?) thread that isn't aimed towards us.

"When do I claim not to [care what other people do]?"

I don't understand. If you're saying you do care, then that picture implies that you don't.
If you don't care, then I don't know what you mean.

I care. It is called satire. I am imitating his style to point out his hypocrisy.

Okay, I see what you mean now. Thanks for telling me.

Could you clarify which one it is please? (Forgot to add that part)

I gather about the modernization of this phenomenally solitary-dimensional banter.

"Trolls!!! Troll's in the dungeon!!! ...Thought you ought to know..." - Professor Quirrel, first Harry Potter movie.

Y'know, sometimes teachers say the right thing. Even if they are fictional.


8 years ago

This forum was worth it for the argument XD

I am honored that each and all of the compassionate environs would erect a computation totality focus regarding me.  The entirety of what I am is presently an enlightened persona attempting to formulate acquaintances.   It must be discernible that I embrace in the principal regard the origin of my bespoken forename.  Why he is goaded is mislaid from my grapple.

Listen,i am not even friends or aquatences with the real Dj radio and I am not about to tell you who I am on my actual account. However I do NOT  think you should be imitating him,and if i were being imitated like this then i would be annoyed too.I would really appreciate it if you would stop doing this. I just made this account to make a point. it is NOT funny and i am sure that the real dj radio would be happy to forgive you if you just stopped imitating him,and appoligized    

                                             thank you

Someone should ask an admin to have this account deleted (but I'm not going to).


Why not have both of em deleted? 

Ha ha, mmm. PM someone, (admitted) multiple accounts are not allowed.


Seems like these are 2 separate people with accounts that parody me.  The latter one is parodying a parody account of me.

It is really painful to read your posts, you know.

So many syllables, so little grammatical correctness.

You seem to understand him. Is he basically saying he's copying DJ to make friends?

His grammar is off by a million country miles, but what he is saying is that he is honored that someone would take the time to make a forum about him, etc. etc.

I can understand your vocabulary, but it's annoying. Maybe make it to where an average person could read it.

How do we know that the people impersonating DJ Radio, are not DJ Radio?