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YouTube Background -Get Creative- Answered

Hey! I'm running a little competition.
I want you to create a youtube background for me.
Winner will get a subscription and 5* on 10 of the selected 'Ibles.

What it needs:
1. To be like a grass background with a ball on it,
2. To be not taken with a digital camera,
3. Look professional,
4.Have my name (TomBuckey) in white running down the left edge.

The reason I'm asking you to make one is simply, I can't.


Yeah but I need it from a top view and it will show the same image loads of times, I need it to be one big image.

And plus its a challange for the community to get creative.

Describe it in more detail, so that we know exactly what you want that. Then we can go out and photograph it.
Oh, and the line "To be not taken with a digital camera" - you want us to use film?


Well I want it to look atrifical and too good to be real type thing, If you get me?

It's the angle and the framing, you know what you can find on the internet which doesn't suit - what image do you want?
Artificial, but not digital, not real type thing....? A bit confused there, something digitally-enhanced?


yeah, Digitally-enhanced, that was what i was looking for. Sorry for the confusion.