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Your Custom Xbox Here (Include Pictures Or A Description) Answered

This forum is to describe your Xbox (preferably if you have changed it in some way from its original state). You can either post a picture, a movie, a detailed description of what you did or how it looks. You can also give a link to your instructable if it is about moding an Xbox or Xbox 360.


Here's the one I'm working on- Also, my heatsink and my intake fan.

xtop 360.pngxtop 360 breakout board.pngthe wombo heatsink.JPGblower.JPGblower top.JPGblower side.JPG

10 years ago

Heres a picture I finally added onto my computer of my shell of a controller (unfortunately it isn't the greatest camera, but hey at least it's digital). My flash on it is way too strong, the first two are with it on (and killing the effect) and the second two are with flash off (and discoloring the paint). Either way its a lose lose situation.


That's awesome. How did you do it? You should post an Instructable!

It's the Zero Hour one. The one you had to preorder EARLY, and only about 1,000 (I think) are out. Really really rare. They look like this.

zero hour.jpg

They are "Really really rare" so....you get two of them, nice. Also, are those real license plates or fakes you got for the fun of it?

Nah that's not my picture, it was just on Google. It was just a picture I found on Google (as I just said), I just didn't want to take a picture, I was busy. :P

I finally got around to uploading my controller pictures, they are almost done, I just need to get some protective clear coat on and put it together again. You can see the battery pack in the background. The missing pieces are black with red specks on them. I'll put all pictures in my instructable once I finish up.