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Your Experience with a Car Dealer Answered

I am looking to hear about people experiences with auto dealerships,both good and bad.


Hi to kelseymh,Kiteman and Caarntedd

Your comments are giving me a good education about how Instructables works.Only new here so probably should have thought more before posting my question.

I have not needed to give FREE copies of Car Buyers Plan away and the ebook has proved popular but your suggestion Kiteman is a valid one.I was not intending to use the feedback here in any particular way but having consumer feedback on auto dealer behaviour/treatment both good and bad is valuable for me.

I would be happy to give a free copy of my current Car Buyers Plan ebook to the best post about a car buying experience made here in the next 7 days.
My guide is about the selling process that dealers use and strategies that buyers can apply to get great deals.

For the record I would never use someones feedback without having disclosure docs signed and my original intention was just to have some general discussion on the topic.

Your feedback has been made very professionally and respectfully and I have the feeling that Instructables is a great online community.

Kindest Regards


Disclosure? Are you soliciting experiences in order to update your Website? Do you intend to request releases from your respondents before using their information, or are you going to aggregate the data statistically?

He's not offering anything, there's no link here to a product. Just soliciting user information, which is reasonable, if a bit off-topic for the site (but so are a lot of other forum topics!). I found his Website in his profile, which is just where it belongs. No spam here.

Since his site is specifically designed to sell his ebook, my suspicion is that he is gathering material for a new book.

Yep. I don't disagree with that. However, that doesn't make this posting spam, though it does make is non-disclosive.

...which was kind of the point of the first post I made on this topic (Jan 18th)

Will respondents get a free copy of your next book?

Or will they have to pay $30?