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Your Favorite Instructable Answered

Please post 1 or 2 images of your best rated or just favorite instructables YOU have created. please do not fill up this page with cool things you found on the internet.Feel free to include a hyperlink to that instructable or to your homepage and please do not flag others for spamming because I am allowing it for this cause. PLEASE RATE.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.


And this is why you're not a knexpert along side your attitude--your best gun isn't even above 3.5* Just sayin' because you're always whining that you're not a knexpert.

that gun was actually at a 3.95, but some jerk made some fake accounts and attacked the rating- isnt it familiar experience?

Yeah, because you keep rating Dunks ibles down =/.


I didn't say you attacked the, I said you rated them down.

You even posted a comment saying "0.5" on numerous ibles, and yet you complain about the TGKT 'cause you aren't in, how immature, =/.

........ Knexers should NOT call each other immature, 90% of us are under 13!

Lol, I'm way older, one guy who posted a k'nex gun was like 30.

Really? I am pretty sure i am a legal member of this site...

because they are bad ibles. the block triggers. And i gave the TDS2 a 4.5* rating, so there

wow - one gun! that makes all the difference!

You gave his grenade a 0.5, or a 1.5 one or the other, you give lots of true trigger guns bad comments, then you complain when you aren't allowed in things.

I gave it a 1.5 for a good reason, he said himself it was hard to construct, and hard to throw..... the only bad comments i give are on the block triggers, if you dont think so, show me one where i gave a bad comment on it.

His grenades are quite easy to make, and easier to throw, well thats my oppinion anyway, and I believe you said "IaC owned you" on shadowninja94's arm cannon (I appologize if I had the wrong name).

this is asking what his favorite instructable is. that has nothing to do with ratings, or if the gun is good or not. ratings don't matter any more, some people who like the gun don't rate it, and some people who like the gun still just don't like rating things to high. and i don't really blame him for complaining about him being not a knexpert if you act like that toward him.(keep in mind you posted saying your pistol is your favorite instructable)

I was just mad at the time because he seriously won't get off the knexpert subject and is constantly asking "am I knexpert now...am I a knexpert now? Am I a knexpert now!!"

oh, i was so going to post some other comment here, but i think its best if i just held my tongue for just this once.......

I think you are one now, along with a few others like us, who climbed our way to the top. But you need something NEW!

heh, I have an idea for a sear system mech that is very reliable. but i dont consider myself a knexpert....

Still on the subject I see? You're a lot closer but still you just don't have anything new. Make some sort of cool new mech. A lot of your guns are just things done before DJR styled.

no no, My sear system is unique in the way it holds the firing pin back. It can possibly hold the pin back without touching it. but this is still an idea in my head, and it could touch the sides of the pin when I actually build it.

None of the new guns are new. There are the block triggs, white snowflake slingshot guns, gatling guns, true trigg ram guns. string triggs, and in a way, sears triggs.

My Knex MP44 is pretty good, i had some pretty good comments and alot of 5 stars. here is the the 2nd newest model


Besides the Thanks Instructables project, I'd have to say my trip mine and my rabbit care iBles. The trip mine Instructable seems to be the most liked/ built of mine, I'm proud of that. I just recently received this PM:

I absolutely loved your idea for the mine!
I am making an airsoft guide including 2 mines of my invention, grenades and smoke bombs.
The guide also has a whole bunch of other stuff like tactics, guns and other airsoft stuff.
I was wondering if I could use your mine idea and building plans in my guide?
Your name would be included in the guide and I would gladly send you a copy if you give me your shipping address.

Please consider this,
Thank you a lot,
(His name)

Right. This topic got bumped today, and I saw in the "all" listing. The topic text above doesn't say anything about K'nex.

lol, you have a knex dragster? or do you mean knex drag?

Storm 223 and tj-sr-v4

My first one was fun and at the same time very frustrating to do: ASL introduction First pic below. I was just learning to use the CAM and how to convert and upload videos (I am still not well versed at it).

The two I had the most fun actually working with (with out much frustration) were;
Hacking a RS digital recorder/player
and also the
A fairly simple 555 tester.

The ones that were featured were the ASL intro, Keeping Cavies Healthy and a cooking one: BERRY delicious Chocolate / Raspberry Dobosh Torte


I am going to post an instructable very soon of all of your favorite instructables. If you do not want me to use them please tell me soon. If you do not respond I will use them. Keep in mind your instructable will receive more views.

This has to be my favorite of my own instructables.