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Your Most Painful Moments. Answered

I was wondering with all the home crafted weapons what you would classify as the MOST painful moment in you life so far. When were you in the most pain of your life time, was it after being shot with a paint ball gun or when you stubbed you toe against that stupid door.

Ohh and once you have remembered remember to give it a pain rating from 1 to 10, 1 being not too painful and 10 extremely painful. I'm sorry if it brings back bad memories but i was just interested.

My most painful moment was when i was playing cricket we used to whittle out points to make the stumps then flick them in to the ground, one time i over judged it and it hit me hard on the shin I sat with an ice pack on it for about 2 hours and had a lump the size of an egg!


I'd say my worst pain was when I was at the dentist and they "numbed" my mouth but when they did the drilling for my filling I felt everything- it wasn't numbed and I told them and they kept going. 8/10

i would say that when i had my appendix burst that was probably the highest possible. if an airsoft gun is 7 out of 10 as somebody else said then the appendix breaks the scale with like a 40.. a real taser and a modded 1500 v bug zapper are about 5, maybe 6 for a shock knife i made (accidentally used too many amps lol bad idea) breaking both my arms at a 3 falling off a roof onto a pipe and needing stitches in my eyebrow 6

Hmm, the most painful (preventable) moment was when I got bit by a MOT, fortunately it was only across one hand (if it had gone across my heart it probably would have killed me) That hand was seized up for about 10 minutes, it burned me real nice on the palm of my hand and carved a chunk out of my knuckle. 4-5 pain-wise.

i was making a tazer fronm a disposable camera when i accidently touched the wire. My body lock up and I blacked out for a moment. About a 6 or 7 on the scale

Let me see... Not the most painful, but that is all I got. Getting shocked by the mains house power. 4 on pain oh meter Burning my self with soldering iron. 2.5 on pain oh meter Ocasinally get bitten by high voltage from flybacks and capacitors. 1 on pain oh meter.

Nut shot in paintball.... 8 on the pain meter, or higher. not much to say but OUCH!!!

I bet that one did hurt. I almost got hit there one day, it was about an inch off.


I once got shot in the ear from 20 feet away with an airsoft it wasnt to stron but still hurt

heres how it went...miss,miss,miss,thigh,thigh,nuts,nuts,thigh. OUCH

Oddly, considering the dumb/risky things I did as a young child (I'm 15), I never have seriously injured myself. The closest thing I've ever come to breaking a bone was riding a BMX bike behind a shed with an inch between the handlebar and a chain-link fence--I sprained my wrist when I kept my head from slamming into a concrete block after the handlebar caught the fence. Didn't really hurt until I tripped later and landed on the same wrist--4/10. I'm not sure what my MOST painful is...Maybe the time I was climbing a sycamore (NEVER climb a sycamore--they're brittle), the branch broke, and I landed ten feet down on my back, thinking I had punctured a lung. No lasting injury other than a sore back. Or perhaps when I was helping my dad spread mulch from the non-hydraulic scoop of a tractor, and I put my hand in the wrong place as my dad backed up--scoop caught on a rock, flipped up, and slammed my hand between a steel tube and a grease zerk. No damage other than bruises. Both tie at 7.5/10.

Falling and landing on your back has to be one of the worst sensations ever. I always have that initial thought of "Oh, I've broken something, there's something wrong" but I've only knocked the wind out of myself so far. :P Well, along with a few bruises.

like my sister used to say to me when i was young "Its not broken unless your crying"

Yeah...I spend about two minutes lying on the ground before I could inhale...that's why I thought I had punctured a lung. I couldn't breathe normally fr a half-hour. NEVER climb a sycamore! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

That reminds me of this time it was snowing and my brother and I hooked a sled up to his 50 and he was driving it and I had to be on the sled because I'm the youngest. Anyway we have these big bushes that have a very thick "trunk" type thing. He was makign the sled go in circles quite fast and the sled ran into the bush. It knocked the wind out of me and I had a bruise on my side. I can't remember how much it hurt but probably not much.

Oh! I had forgotten. I once walked through the glass door of an entertainment center. It was wide open, and of course clear, and I was 8 or 9 and completely oblivious. :P It sent my grandmother into hysterics even though it was mostly my feet that got cut when I tried to flee the scene.

i once was at my friends and i thought his sliding door leading into his screen porch was open so i ran into it and my friend, friends brother, and his mom were laughing

Lets see. The most painful thing I felt on your scale is about a 30. I was shooting my bow and I sent a broad head arrow clean through my foot and into the ground.

holy crap. the only I've ever had go through my foot was a nail, but a broad head? im sure it was fun to pull out too... the worst thing a bow has ever done to me was the string hitting my arm. and thats not too bad.

i once had an arrow stick up out of the ground and i didnt see it and i got an indent of the knocks on the arrow

Sometimes trees can get revenge when shooting arrows into them, especially target style tips. I had a tree redirect an arrow back at me once....it missed but it was scary.

Ouch. I have a similar story, i had just made a new bow and was shooting in my back yard when i was aiming at a chair, i missed and hit my bro's leg, he said it was painful, ps my arrows were blunt but strong.

when i was six i fell off a chair (dont exacly rember why i was standing on a chair) but i fell off and twisted my elbow, boy did that hurt

when i was like 2 or 1 i was on a chair my parents thought it was cute they got it on tape but wat they also got on tape was my sister getting onto the chair and pushin me off

Hmmm, gotta say, most painful moment has got to be getting shot with an airsoft gun in my back from, oh, about 1/2 inch. I would rate that about 7/10. That or cutting my finger with a steak knife, probably 2/10 then around 8/10 when they put the stitches in (the anesthetics didn't work because he didn't give them time and it was getting taken away with my blood).

yeah me and my friend were once having an airsoft war he had a 350 fps shotgun and we were both pretty thin clothed and he kept missing me so when we took a water break he said " hey this isnt shooting tell me if this hurts" he raised the gun and shot me in the but it hurt so bad he was only about 4 feet away from me and then there was another time when i had a crap 275 fps pistol i was trying to shoot thro the cap of a bottle i was holding i missed hit my hand and had a lump there for a little bit

I had to have stitches in my eyebrow area when younger, without any anesthesia...there's an experience to have (the area was kind of numb from the shock of the impact from the fence rail, that I didn't feel it TOO much.

Yeah, anesthetics are probably the best invention ever. Although, I can't say I've had any serious head injuries. But then again, I am an Idiot. I do stupid things. Like hopping a fence with a large dog on the other side. And I bang my head a lot......... what were we talking about? Oh, yeah! WWII...........

Either when I fell backwards without a helmet while playing street hockey, or when i tripped, and shattered a glass mug that I was holding, which gashed into my hand, and sent me into shock (Which I punched in the face, by refusing to pass out, and deciding to regain strength)

for some reason your falling backwards reminds me of two things. getting hit in the head with a hockey ball hurts. but the helmet part reminded me of that one time on my bicycle. lets just say 10 mph on a bike over speed bumps hurts. your punching yourself in the face reminds me when that kid at school gave himself a concussion by slamming his head into the lunch table. never did figure out why...

No they make balls for street hockey or floor hockey. Pucks are usualy useed for ice hockey but sometimes floor hockey.


10 years ago

- (13/14-ish) getting a plastic drinking straw that was on fire melted onto the palm of my left hand, mmm burny
- (aged 16) stacking my bike while going about 20mph, landing directly on my left shoulder and breaking the collarbone and my right thumb
- (16) getting something stuck in my bike front wheel at similar speed, belly-flopping on the road and my bike landed on top of me- nothing broken but oh dear god the road rash
- (16 again) being headbutted in the face and having my nose broken
- (17) electrocuting myself with the HT lead of a motorbike (like a taser, about 20 HV shocks over a second or two)
- (17) being in a car crash where the seat I was in folded up because the spare wheel (loose in the back) hit the back of it
- (17) shortly after the above, being hit by a car going at about 25, being driven by the same person as before
- (18) walking at jogging speed down a busy high street and "intersecting" with a cast iron bollard that stopped at groin height (or should that be "bollard" height >_<)
- (20-ish) breaking my right little finger, *ahem* punching a hole in a wooden door
- (21) misjudging a PK jump and grating the skin off my right knee from an area half the size of my palm

I think that's all, I must have got more careful in the last couple of years... out of all of those the road-rash bike incident was probably the most painful, my entire body felt like a stubbed toe. Can you stub your entire body?

yeah i once tried BMX at the skatepark near my house i was going up a ramp for the first time i got scared at the top and hit my break so my bike tipped off the ramp backwards and fell on my back my head smacked the ground (Thank god for the helmet) and then my bike fell on me. Note: I do not attempt tricks on my bike anymore

wow, you get hurt alot. and do you know the person that hit you and crashed into your car?

In the car crash we were driving in a field, it was the driver's fault (driving too fast on bald tyres on wet grass).

hmm... i don't even know! reading the comments below... i haven't had anything NEARLY as bad happen to me....

maybe burning myself with a soldering iron on Christmas eve, it burned like hell! i took/ripped off the boil about 3 days ago

oh, i remmember

when i was ~5 i plugged in a broker radio into 220V ac back in Belarus burned myself really badly, skin on my palm is still deformed, but not very noticeable.
Pain oh meter I- - - - - - - -0- -I

when i was 8 i had a shoe thrown at my face, that shoe had a wooden sole
hit me square in the lip, chipped a tooth, bled all over the place
pain oh meter I- - - -0- - - - - -I

When I fell from 12 feet and landed directly on my tailbone and broke it...5/10

i've fallen from two feet and right on my tailbone, feelt like i broke it but i didn't

I might have been illicitly climbing on parts of the McDonald's play set that weren't meant for that...