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Your Project, posted elsewhere? Answered

It's always nice when your work gets popular, and the latest example is Artist-in-Residence Tomdf having had his tentacle straw project featured on Hack-a-Day.  I found this out because I saw it on their twitter feed.

Have you had your Instructables featured elsewhere?  How did you find out?

(And are you following the Instructables feed?)



5 years ago

My WTFBBQ was featured on Gentlemint.com, which is funny because they are a manly site that shows manly things for manly men. I found out through the referrers.
Apparently my project is very manly. It's still a project by a woman though.

I have no clue if anything I've posted is elsewhere. I dropped Twitter, as I don't have much use for it, without an actual "device" to use it one (other then my desktop pc). And their taking over a year to finally cancel my membership, put up red flags for me all around. I guess I am just a bit more paranoid that most :-)

I signed up for Google Alerts. Every time someone mentions "Jayefuu", I get an alert.

I never seem to know unless someone else alerts me to it. I did just run across the Rubik's Cube Chest of Drawers on thisiswhyimbroke.com, which I thought was crazy! (in a good way) Someone recently caught a very brief appearance of one of my old projects in a video round up on something called VSauce.  


5 years ago

I had my Giant "Wooden Letter Block" - Toy Box (https://www.instructables.com/id/Giant-Wooden-Letter-Block-Toy-Box/?ALLSTEPS ) featured on apartmenttherapy.com ( http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/build-a-letter-block-toy-box-instructables-166800 ) which was really cool.

I usually find these things by looking at the stats list on instructables and looking at the referers (not sure why so many entries are blank though on the referers list?).

I do not follow Instructables on twitter as there are so many projects it pushes my other feeds down so fast.