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Your Username Answered

How did y'all go about coming up with your username? There are (quite) a few out here that just confuse me. Also, if it isn't too much trouble, could y'all give a rebus or some way so we know how to pronounce your names (zachninme)? I got mine from back in 6th grade - my nickname was "Double Stuffed Oreo" (because I am a bit hefty), but everyone who doesn't know me just calls me "Redneck", so I combined the two. I've been using it ever since. So, how about y'all?


My username (BonemanX3) was created cause' at the time I made my account I was very much into paleontology (fossil hunting). Though now I want to change it.

I like and use Linux, and I like to hack things (physically, not all the computer crap)
and I like tinkering, but I don't hack linux.... (its impossible!)
BTW, h4x0r = hacker

The box said Vista or BETTER, so I Installed LINUX!!!!!!!!

Well, like the "man" said, if we feel that it is safe because one needs physical access to a machine, that is no longer very difficult anymore either. Especially for the Gov-ment

i actually do feel safe if someone breaks into my home i'd have more important things than security of my pc to worry about my login password on the computer is weak and password free login is enabled anyway. but remote login is blocked completely i dont like to protect stuff from myself i always leave a way for me to get into the house without key and without damage. its proven to make more good than harm (actually no harm untill now and countless times when it rescued me)

Listen to the podcast if you get a chance, it isn't thieves you have to worry about, it is the Authorities.

my login password on the computer is weak and password free login is enabled anyway. but remote login is blocked completely

That is defeatable....by those in the know. Check out the Audio presentation from LastHopebe patient, it is long, with a LOT of introduction...

Thanks for the <bump>, Goodhart!

Wait a minute...Linux is a hack! The whole point of Linux is that the entire operating system, including the kernel, is open source. You can go in and modify it to your heart's content, no reverse engineering required. Hacking Linux isn't just "not impossible," it's really easy ;-)

The key feature is that if someone did try to hack the kernel and make a distro, the distribution groups would catch and kill it pretty quickly.

By definition a hack is making something do something it shouldn't, but linux should be hacked so it can't be! (anomalie!)

A definition of what I am and what I hope to be: Rocket Scientist (Aerospace engineer/tinkerer, sugests nerdyness) 2015 (projected college grad date) It originally took the form rocketscientist2015 (as can be seen on my youtube acount), but Eric changed it for me. I have often googled it, I am the only person on the web with said username. Perhaps zachninme is pronouced zach-in-me?

Actually, I figured out what the heck 2015 was. Gmjhowe sez it's the year I planted a time bomb, but I got knocked back over twenty years by it, losing both age and memory... Apparently this happened to Adrian Monk too.


I have often googled it, I am the only person on the web with said username.


Perhaps zachninme is pronouced zach-in-me?

Lord help us all....

Referring to.....Zach ninja me (zach nin me) ?

i have 3 nicknames 11010010110 - supposed to be some kinda random and easy to memorize binary string. my 1st nickname from the age of ~12 ash - like ash from pokemon - he represents to me a way i want and try to follow. used in most places pika / pikachu - mostly as replacement to 11010010110 which begins to bore me (started using recently)

well i like ac/dc and my name is zach so, ...yeah

Simple. My first name is Cameron, and I have two last names, each of which starts with S. Yes, it is possible to have two last names. Yes, it is a pain to enter it on computers that don't think a surname can contain a space. Yes, I am annoyed that my parents didn't just give me a first, middle, and last name. No, I am not telling what the names are on the Internet. No, you're not going to guess them, so don't even try. It's also my email address, but don't spam me.

. Unless we know your mail server name, we can't SPAM you. . Let's try an experiment: imafreakingspammer@bollen.us . Wonder how long before I get SPAM at that addy? Stay tuned.

. This is a first! It's been almost 24 hours and no SPAM. Usually I get SPAM within 12 hours of posting an address - sometimes within 10 minutes.

. This is really strange. Almost 48 hours and no SPAM. Had a friend post another "bogus" addy on a BBS he hangs out on and I got SPAM from there in less than two hours (1:48).

Would you like me to send you something so you don't feel so neglected ? LOL

Someone might guess it...although a spammer probably wouldn't go to that trouble.

I have seen spam bots create name like: dilber@elink.com dilbert@elink.com delbert@elink.com dlbert@elink.com dalburt@elink.com etc & etc. eventually they get a hit or so....but will never know it if you don't open it up.

when I was in 3rd or 4th grade my brother made me an AIM account. He eventually got frustrated because everything was taken up so he gave me a random name and I've kept it.

just googled my name, stuff that I didn't know people post about me. Metacafe and instructables are my main on google, blogs that I'm in (just found out!)

what does that person mean mangles the "English language"?

. Poor grammar/spelling/use of words. I've seen better than your's, but I've also seen a LOT worse. I certainly wouldn't complain about your's - at least not very loudly.

yeah, maybe I should read over my instructables after I write them...

oh god, I just read my ghoul grabber instructable and my grammar sucks! I edited it and made at least 100 grammical changes! grammical?!?!? is that even a real word or a word that I made up!?!?!

I gon don notin rong wit my anglish. I thank U shuld wurk on you're uwn.

There is a cat in the newspaper comics that says yes as YESH.....I know, I am being obscure again.... :-)

Mutts! Not in my paper since we moved...then again, neither is Peanuts. It's a pretty pathetic comics page.

Ah good, I am not so obscure this time LOL My favorite character is crabby, except he swears too much ;-)

mine came about from diablo 2. i would create the game name itsme with the password lol. the oog part came about from a random generator... and well thats how i ended up with it. good luck pronouncing it, i still havent figured that out.

thats what ive always thought of it as, but after hearing people on team fortress attempt it i decided that even i didnt know how to pronounce it...

that right Bertie was the other guy....Ah the true sugns of a misspent youth..Too much Merrie Melodies and Tom and Gerry. No Teen Turtle will ever compare...and i suppose the Proto-Instructable member was Wily Cyote..

Wil. E. Coyote to be exact LOL Yeah, the single most important character in keeping Acme stores alive for so long LOL Our ever-persistent if not constantly failing, instructables hero :-)

Left in doubt .... to many times...

astrozombies= misfits song 138= numbers of the misfts "we are 138". yes i love the misfits a lot. well at least when they had danzig

GK: The classic evil twin type character from the riveting TV action-drama "Knight Rider" -staring the amazing master of screen, stage and voice -David Hasselhoff. (I needed a user name, and he was in the news that week on utube... so I used one of his characters.) "The Hasselhoff is wise and can teach us many things"


10 years ago

Mine is the ID I was assigned via a standard algorithm back in college about 30 years ago. Alas, the "standard" username I've used since then at most of my employers is overly popular once you let everyone compete for it, and after I couldn't get it on Yahoo, I reverted to old time names that are very unpopular. There's a whole science (marketing, probably) to picking names that "search" well on the internet. My real name sucks. My post-college first choice username sucks. "Westfw" works surprisingly well. I'll have to think of something different if I ever use a site where I want to conceal my identity rather than just obfuscate it slightly.

Well my name is "Alec", back in 5th grade we had class money and I was the richest so "gates" and 15 is a random number.


10 years ago

haha everyone says that- they think its pronounced "the q" or theck, or something like that. its really kinda funny.

I have always threatened my son with the fact that i will one day pick him up from his school dressed in a furry mouse suit. So i have become the man in a mouse suit to him...I picked my id picture from an old cartoon...He is called Hubie i believe