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Your War Stories Answered

Everyone who has played war simulation games probably has a story to tell, I know I have a few. I would like to hear about your past experiences. This being the internet, anybody can claim to have done anything. Please try to be honest in your stories.


I was pinned down behind a tree that was barely the width of my body. Three enemies were bunkered up behind a felled tree in front of me, all of them shooting. I could hear their bullets whizzing inches from my head, and I was getting covered in splatter from the paintballs breaking across the tree. If I moved even an inch, I would be exposed. I was completely helpless. One of my buddies ran up to help, taking cover on my right. He was gunned down in less than a minute. I was trapped behind that tree for what seemed like an eternity. Luckily, one of my teammates (we call him Rambo) flanked the bunker, ran up from behind, and shot all of them in the back. When I looked at the cover I was behind, the tree and surrounding area was completely painted.

I was on a speedball course behind cover, exchanging fire with (of all people) my brother. I look up, and he is charging up the field directly at me. Panicked, I take some shots at him and nailed him in a very sensitive area. He immediately went down and stayed down for several minutes, rolling around in pain. I captured it on my Gun-cam, you can see the paintball hit it's mark.

(I've got plenty of good paintball stories, but I want to keep this short.)


We were playing Ambush: VIP, and I was the VIP (No gun. I die, we loose). The course consisted of trails in the woods which lead to an open field. I had to go through the woods and across the field to a designated endpoint. The first leg was uneventful, we saw no action through the trails. When we reached the tree line, we decided it was best to book it across the field. We ran to the tree line, my bodyguard about ten feet ahead of me. He was the first to break the tree line. As soon as he did, he was shot up the leg and chest from near point blank range by a full auto MP5 and toppled over. As soon as I saw this I tried to do three things at once (thinking Oh Spit!): come to a sudden stop from a full on sprint, change direction, and book it in the opposite direction. Let's just say I face-planted and got shot up on the ground.

I was stalking a guy who was facing me, staying just inside his peripherals (at least ten feet away). I shot him and, knowing the noise would attract others, immediately went prone in my ghillie suit. I was right, his teammate showed up to investigate. I took him out easily. This attracted a third teammate. I waited a good five minutes and, thinking he had gone, stood up to flank him. Turns out I stood up right in front of him and was subsequently lit up like a Christmas tree.

(All these stories may make it sound like I suck at paintball/airsoft, but the most memorable events are often your worst.)


I actually ended up writing an English paper on one of these stories.

The Clearing
A ski mask pulled over his face, Robert steadied his AK-47. The surrounding shadows merged with his dark sweatshirt and jeans. Shifting his weight, he anxiously scanned the path ahead. Both of us were sitting ducks here, he knew it. We had come to a fork in the road, providing us with two options. We could continue down the well-worn dirt path, or divert to a small, overgrown trail.
"Come on." Robert whispered, eying the smaller trail, "Let's go."
The objective was simple; navigate a maze of trails through the woods, cross an open field, and reach an endpoint on the other side. There was just one small problem; I must make it to the endpoint alive. I was the designated V.I.P., forbidden to carry a firearm and it was game over if I died. It was Robert's duty to escort me to the endpoint in one piece.
Robert disappeared into the overgrown trail. Waiting ten seconds, I continued after him. Pushing aside ferns and thorn bushes, Robert and I slowly advanced. We knew it would be safe, they wouldn't expect us to follow this trail. Nonetheless, we kept a wary eye on the trees and bushes ahead. It was unusually hot, and I was beginning to sweat under my stuffy ghillie suit.
The surrounding woods were eerily silent, a calm before the storm. As if on cue, there was a rustle off to our right. Immediately, Robert raised and lowered his palm, swinging his rifle in the direction of the sound. Catching his signal, I crouched low to the ground, adrenaline seeping through my veins. Tense, we waited for the seemingly inevitable. More rustling, this time accompanied by flapping. Robert's finger tightened against the trigger. A form shot out of the bushes, rapidly ascending to the branches above. It is just a bird. Sighing with relief, we rose and continued down the trail.
We arrived at the edge of the woods, beyond which lay a small clearing. A mere one hundred feet separated us from the awaiting endpoint on the other side. One hundred feet of open field, it might as well have been a thousand. Robert and I came to the decision that we run across as fast as possible. We would be completely exposed, our fate placed at the mercy of the clearing.
Drawing a deep breath, Robert sprinted toward the tree line. I followed, maintaining a distance of ten feet. Approaching a full sprint, Robert burst into the clearing. He managed to complete five strides before a sharp rat-tat-tat shattered the silence. Time slowed, Robert cried out in pain and toppled into the tall grass. He had taken several hits up the chest and legs at point blank range. A dark figure rose from the bushes directly ahead, looming above the surrounding flora. I was sprinting, full speed, to my doom. My mind went blank, overridden by three instincts: stop, turn around, and run. I attempted to complete all of these tasks simultaneously: come to a dead stop from a full sprint, turn one hundred and eighty degrees, and run. Momentum sternly disagreed, sending me in an awkward flying flop to the ground. Stunned, I lay on the forest floor at the edge of the woods. Regaining my senses, I felt several bee stings crawl up my back. I was hit, game over.


How painful is paintball? I've always wanted to try it out, but I'm not very "pain tolerant". Sure, I can handle shocks and hits to the thumb with a hammer every once and a while, but intentionally getting shot at?

if you dont get shot in the chest

my friend got shot in the heart

quad post

My friend got shot in the kneck and it swelled up to the size of a golf ball

It depends on where you are hit and if the paintball breaks (Ex. Back of the leg is worse than the front). Most of the time it's enough to make you cuss, but it's gone in under a minute. Sometimes, a welt will hurt for at least a week. Having someone throw a grape at you as hard as they can is a good paintball tolerance tester, except paintballs hit a lot harder.

Then paintball ain't for you... or wine for that matter

trying paintball might introduce him to whine ;-)

Mepain, oodalumps, killerk, Knex_pls, and some others had a knex war. They should post here.

The other day me and my friends where having a little backyard war at one of my friends houses. The game was complicated so It would be hard to explain. But I was sniping (well attempting to in a backyard) and the first shot of the game I fired and I hit my friend Noah right on his eye protection he was freaked out.

Ok I was playing at a local arena Here it was the last game of the day, so everybody was just screwing around...the radio was on and a staff member was walking around the arena dancing barefoot
... he came around the corner and unintentionally scared the crap out of my friend (a newbie) who promptly opened up on him... lol it is on youtube... here

I am in it at 2:27 (ow! shot in the knuckle!)

At 3:35 the dancing staff member comes in and my friend shoots him


About the only time anything bad happened to me was getting pinned down by most of a team in the container yard and ending up on top of a container, this wasn't the best place to be when you can be hit there, then just for badness my dad lifted it with the front loader, which is not nice when you're on a container swinging side to side at about 40 feet up, on the upside best escape ever... other than that and getting a 4.7 mm metal BB lodged in my right buttcheek that's it... I have a horrible knack for these things, even laser tag, I usually score more than the whole team I'm against, something about general awareness I guess...

>I have a horrible knack for these things

Sounds like me. At lest we know who will survive when the revolution comes...


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So that about wraps it up then, maybe a cook for us, but I'm sure we could combine that and the second on the list, kitchens can be fun you know...

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Hmm, except for my rather unfortunate explosions of my past, the closest I can come is the one time when I swung a BB gun around in an arc, and pulled the trigger....absentmindedly I had shot a TREE, at about 40 paces......it responded by returning the BB to my forehead at near launch velocity......knocked my on my can, I can tell you.....luckily it hit me between the eyes, and not AN eye.

Haha, the exact same thing happened to me when I was a kid. I thought I was all cool so I was shooting anything within my general area with a BB gun. I shot a 2x6 and got a BB between the eyes. I learned. I was like 10.

Yeah, it is not something we quickly forget, and of course, in the back of my mind I heard a stern woman shout you'll shoot your eye out, kid LOL

Hahaha, time to put on my pink bunny pajamas!

oooohhhhh *takes out camcorder and puts dvd into camcorder*

Ah that happened to a friend once, they used to shoot trees in forests, beyond that there was the time a dart ricocheted of a tree and hit his twin about an inch left of centre butt... I've had someone take random pot-shots for a joke and me and a ricochet hit me just in from my eye on the nose as well...

I remember having a hard time explaining the red pock mark between my eyes to my Mom.

I was playing Airsoft at this awesome local field called Airsoft Depot with some of my friends the other day. The field has a bunch of bunkers, and then it has this path through the woods that connects the two biggest bunkers which are on either side of the field. Well, since I had a shotgun, I was put on guard duty of our side of the woods. Suddenly, I heard a distinct 'CRACK!' to my right, and I slammed myself onto the ground to avoid fire. Well, I landed on an ant hill. And to make matters worse, the guy that had made the cracking noise had an extremely high powered AEG, and he unleashed about 50 rounds on my arse. Later that day, we played a round of Capture the Flag. Well, I had to go an hour early for a dentist appointment, and when my Dad got there one of the Refs called my name. As soon as I stood up, I received 30 shots into my chest. That hurt REALLY bad, because all that I was wearing was a thin T-shirt.


9 years ago

do comp.games count?if not: Paintball: On the game,I took a guy out in a tent that I only noticed when he was shooting paint at me,then went to a van to take out the two girls inside,I first took out the brickwall,then ran to the van,took a shot at the window,came across the open door and POW,i saw something orange on my mask.I was like "WT*!?"

Wars... I dislike wars in real life, but it is fun when you are playing games.


9 years ago

I know a few people around my town (there is a big rabbit problem) they were shooting the rabbits outside there house... the cops were called and they got fined $150 and there airsoft pistols taken

I like playing man hunt because it is like hide and go seek but wit sometme paintball guns and sometimes nerf guns,very fun
(BTW it is at night)

WARNING: watch out for giant ant piles they sting like crazy!!!!!

One time I didn't know what those ant nests were, so I used one as cover. The ref. walked over to me and said "You might want to take a closer look at what you're leaning against..."

I sometimes play a similar airsoft game called Hunter's Run. We send the prey into the woods with a minute head start, armed with only a pistol and one mag. Everyone else then goes in to hunt him.

what do you mean,pistol? do you mean like a BB gun?
well,anyways that was pretty foolish of you!to hide near an ant
nest!!!! I once was running with my cousin and we both tripped on
a huge antpile,we did not notice until I said to my cuz,"hey,why
are there red dots all over your legs?"she said,"OMG you are covered in an ant PILE!!!! OMG OMG OMG!! I said,"JUMP IN THE POOL!!!!! we did what I said and
a week later there was still some ants floating in the pool.

I think what I looked like to her (she described) like a big furry person
,because the ants were giving the impression of fur,(there were many)
and she said that basically the whole antpile was sitting on my chest
and it took weeks to get my ant bites in all of my,lets just say, nooks and crannies my mom helped me of course.

I am glad that all of the ants in that pile did not bite you

Oh ants in nooks and crannies... Reminds me of the bee attack during some antics in a forest while camping, bad timing indeed...