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Your cat Answered

This is a place to post pictures of your cat or cats (not internet downloaded exept from places like flickr on your account) and talk about them.



(Just some online pics)

OMG KITTENS.jpgkittens for HAIKU.jpgKITTEN LOVE.jpg

our cat davy likes to drink the fish water.

That is fish soup to them. Sounds delicious. Armand likes to drink after I water my container plants - dirt water - ick.

gross. our cats like to drink running faucet water. it gets annoying sometimes.

I stopped letting Armand Kitty drink from running faucet even though he liked it because he would sneeze and sputter afterwards like he had a burp or something. It scared me and I don't think it is good for them, so be careful.

Uh-oh! You don't know what you just started! :D The best part is these are pictures I already had uploaded on here. :P

3539801657_d782fdf075.jpgIMG_0581.JPGIMG_0492.JPG2877241446_50f46346fc.jpgPicture 1.jpgchester.JPGIMG_0578.JPGIMG_0566.JPGIMG_0488.JPGjadechristmas.jpg

jessyratfink, I was just going to say I don't have a picture of my cat. When I saw the black cat and couldn't believe it their she was. Well the look a like, anyway! My cat looks just like your picture, with the same eye Color as well. I've had cats all my life, my cat name is Joy. My husband named her, the day I took her home she was 31/2 weeks old. The Pet Shop told me she was 5 weeks old, she was also very sick but I didn't care. I feed her a bottle, and cleane her botton she had diarrhea real bad. We almost loss her, our vet saved her and we will forever be thankful. My cat is almost 2 years old now, and she is a joy to us.......... .
Thanks for your ear!

1-3: Marcello 4: Marcello vs Didi 5: Didi 6: Chester 7-10: Miss Jade Pants

Because I live in an apt. (flat) I am not allowed any "uncaged" pets (so we do have guinea pigs and budgies) but don't actually "have" a cat.

However, we have been blessed in the past with a neighbor's cat that was being neglected, adopting us and our neighbor on the other side.  He, originally named Gizmo (changed to Foster, because those neighbors that "owned" him moved and left him behind and so our other neighbor kept him when she moved) was such a playful inquisitive cat.   He was a lot of fun to be around.


My cat Lucas was rescued from the RSPCA two yaers ago as a tiny kitten, two weeks later he fell of a high window and got brain damage :(
now a sweet, good-tempered kitty that i couldn't live without :)

Awww, my cat's semi-wild so it can survive on it's own. Actually it's mother is semi-wild, but then she left us so we're left with our current cat (name is not really an issue, but then she has an unusual name by foreign standards (that means you people)). For some weird reason, we occasionally see our old cat going around our part of the neighborhood (kinda stays close to its former territory (which is our house) and I don't know why).


7 years ago

I have lots of my kitten pictures on my instructable -----
It was never that popular but I thought it had great pictures.


my kitty's name is Lakshmi ... she loves breaking into my kitchen because door does not close well lol she is so cute though but can be annoying sometimes when i come home from a 12hour shift and need to sort house after she has been up to mischeif lol ahhh haha but god bless her she's adorable as you can see ...


sweet, fellow members. keep it up!

All My Laundry Are Belong to Cat.
(this is Bruno, aka Il Gato di Tutti Gatti.)


cool. my cat murphy was named molly, but then we found out he was a boy. really.

OK, this is my cat timeline. When I was born, my parents had two cats, Spike and Molly. In 2001, we lost Spike to a thyroid condition. 2001 was not a good year for my family because first, Spike passed on, then my grandfather, and then 9/11 happened. Anyway, after we lost Spike, we tried Horacio, but, uh, he had, um urination problems, and my dad HATES cleaning up messes. He lasted 2 months before my dad took him back to the SPCA. Earlier this year, we tried Sasha, but, her and my other cat, Molly(yes, the first one I talked about) wouldn't get along, so we gave Sasha to an older guy and his 90-year-old mother. Now, we just have Molly, but my parents promised my sister and I at least one kitten or cat, maybe two. Oh, and Molly's the one dressed up like a reindeer in my profile pic.

My kitteh is missing :( His name is Mouse. I have tons of pictures of him though! In the first picture he's sleeping on gardening tools and in the second one he's surrounded by the ransom he asked for (Originally it was $32 he wanted but I only had $13 and a couple of old gift cards. People like making lolcats with pictures of him :D I'd upload them, but it's not exactly working at the moment....


This is meg, meggy or smeggy meggy! She is my favourite of our cats, I'll have to post some pictures of the others tomorrow as I don't have any on this computer!!