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Your knex armory Answered

What are the guns in your knex armory? I have: Knex Hater Hater's M4. KillerK'S Pistol. My Crossbow** My Shotgun* Tomboyrme's shotgun* His 9mm pistol* Knex chain Knex Tranformer* Mepain's Sniper rifle Thats it. *Will post pictures and info **Broken up for pieces for Mepains Sniper rifle



10 years ago

I can only build one gun at a time...and every time I get a new idea for a crossbow I take the gun apart lol... Currently still intact: The low-piece crossbow Working on: Something better then the Reaper...which may be impossible :o

Well seeing that I'm not rich and know that I should spend what I earn on more important things I don't have very many pieces and so can never have more than one above medium sized gun or a medium sized and a smaller gun. If I were to have to say choose what weapons I would use for a knex battle I would have to say. For a side arm my Mini Uzi For firing rate my STG44 And then for power I'd have to build another gun. I'm not really into building other people's guns unelss I'm modding theirs because I build to show to others not to use so much. LIke 3/4 of the guns I make get finished and work from some test shots but are never even fired afterwards before being destroyed.

I used all my pieces building a life size, working tank.

i made a real working m4 carbine(out of knex)that is currently being used in iraq, and i made a life size b2 bomber(also out of knex) that is currently bombing the ocean lol jk

Really? Cool, I just built an A-10 warthog (lifesize) out of knex and if you are under 112 pounds, you can sit in it. I spent about 200 dollars worth of knex on it, but it doesn't work. I'd like to see a pic of your tank!

Shhh... we're deep in hostile territory in this thread. Some say they actually read this.

I have: All of burrito master's guns One Gorkem's sniper My sniper and my new rifle which will be coming out soon Ipod killer's sniper Mepains sniper *expert* Dsman1's new gun A couple of grenades Two mines One of Trainman's giant machine gun thing My crappy wheel launching gun Iron man's L96 (one) And a few pistols


10 years ago

Three yellow pieces.

thats funny


10 years ago

sadly I have mepains sniper thats it

gnasher shotgun two ap2s two desert buzzards mepains sniper shifle ipodkillers sniper perfect ducks twins killerks magnum killerks pistol oodalumpses new mg oodalumpses true semi knex nunchuks knex katana iandrummers crossbow gorkems crossbow

Here are mine| | \/

Photo 161.jpgPhoto 159.jpgPhoto 150.jpg

I also have: KILLERKS magnum Shadow sniper oodalumps knex cannon RBG Perfect ducks Quad-blaster

i dont have much knex so i only have one gun atm

The Frag Shotta Indestructable frag grenade Devastator frag grenade Splitter frag grenade Killerks pistol Knex Nunchucks Knex hand cuffs The Kruger Stealth Rifle (T.K.S.R)

famas rifle 30 chaingun rounds grenade launcher slide action pistol semi auto c/12 shotgun

Well i used most of my pieces building transformers so not too much gun building for me

I have : tomboyRme's pistol Two of adammmcLaughlin's pistol Mepains's sniper Mepain's sword HK.RBG.armorer's shotgun My shotgun (under construction) Would have a transformer but I bought pieces off of ebay and it had 23 ball joints and 1 socket joints