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Your most prized possessions Answered

Well, I just wanna make a forum topic for the heck of it, and to inform people that I'm not dead. So, what are your most prized possessions? Mine would have to be: - My many weapons (If I have to choose, then my heirloom Katana sword and my oh-so-very-handy 26 inch extendable ASP Baton) - My Nintendo DS, PSP, PS2, PS3, Wii - My 'school sucks like a b****' T-shirts So, what are your prized possessions?


My iPod My HD TV My four desktop PCs (two don't work) My bike My tennis racket My brain My vegetarianism My stash of Reese's peanut butter cups My stash of instant noodles (Maggi brand, of course) My instructables account (and a lot of other accounts) And most importantly, my ninja skillz

Cool. But sadly, I know that you're no ninja :-P

LOL, I'm an expert at the subject, the only ninja living now is Soke Hatsumi of Bujinkan :-P Tsk, tsk...


9 years ago

My most prized possession would be my old wooden playhouse in my backyard, that sits high off the ground on wooden stilts. I enjoy digging crazily deep holes in the surrounding soil, to harvest scarab beetles from... Yes, I eat insects. :D

Ew. That's not very sanitary, to just pick them out of the dirt and munch on...I hope you at least brush them off or rinse them or something...

Haha! I don't eat them raw! If they're eaten fresh, their guts are all wet and slimy...

Well considering they feed on feces or rotten materials, I would imagine dirt being the least of the problems.

My brain. That is worth so much more to me than anything else that I'm not even going to bother saying anything else.

yay, you are still on! um, my most prized possessions are: - My iPhone, it has all my top rap songs in there. Ironically, I can get the same songs I find in the itunes wi-fi store for free with the youtube app (with the cost of some storage space) - My ps2 - My knex (especially since I dont have a lot) - My instructables account (especially seeing how close I just got to being banned) - My nikes, etnies, Cadillac shirt, black vans jeans, custom vans hoodie- my rap outfit... - My skateboard - My current avatar - The fact that I am #1 at something at instructables....

The fact that I can unban myself from the chatroom.......

My laptop, swiss army knife, my notebook of ideas and stuff, 1979? edition of Shakespeare...

-My computer, Ps2, Wii -My k'nex and lego -My TV -My freerunning skillz

Can I give you all my lego and you give me the equivalent ammount of knex back?

and my runescape and instructables accounts of course >:)

-My great grandmother's Bible that was given to her by her father. -Melanesian Pidgin Bible that belonged to a close friend who was murdered by a sorceress. -My granfather's shotgun that he and his father restored about 72 years ago. -Pistol my wife gave me for our anniversary -Stone axe given to me by a close friend in New Guinea. -My Harley -Hunting rifle I got from my parents when I was 12. -My Great-grandfathers Model-B John Deere.

To be honest, all my electronics tools and parts, with the computer running a VERY close second :-)

My Le Creuset dutch oven, my stainless steel pots and pans, my Wusthof knife set, my sewing machine, and all of my grandmother's sewing supplies and quilt tops.

My iPod A pin with a whale on it (I know it seems sort of weird but it means a lot to me.) My camera

My Eee PC! @ My TV @ Silicon bakeware @ My PSP @ My DVDs

My camera/lenses are probably among the top for me.

My mp3 player A certain piece of chocolate A ring my grandmother gave me A blanket I picked out of a tree A necklace I picked out of the dirt

My canoe my wedding ring a tie tack that my father received for his work on the Apache. The rifle my wife bought me. the .22 I've had since I was a kid The cork gun my dad bought me when I was 5 My mom's cookbooks.

ok, lets see... -NDs lite -PSP -PS2 -2ghz 1gb ram 120gb desktop -2.8ghz 2gb ram 160gb laptop -5.1 surround sound receiver ~$300 -Sandisk Sansa 4gb ~30 inch hi-def TV -my xbox 360 controller modding skills $50 per hour (of modding)