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Your thoughts on "UFO's", strange things and the unknown Answered

Don't take what comes below too serious please ;)

I thought for the start of the new year it would be fun to talk about things we take for granted or that we would call nonsense.
You know topis like those provided by Erich Däniken and other that think outside the conventional archiological range.

Modern science has provided us with new insights into very old stuff but also a new look on things we thought to know better anyway.
Here is some food for thought:
1. India...
In this beautiful and old country it was discovered that hundreds if not over 2000 years ago people used lathe technology on stones.
For example to make pillars with a weight over a few tons...
Chains were created from molten rock and in many areas you find polished stone that even after hundreds of years still has a mirror finnish.
Some of these creations are claimed to be made with hammer and chisel but how do you get a displayed accuracy that even modern technology struggles to provide?
I don't want to clutter everything with video links but check Youtube and you will find temples in India showing musical granite pillars and chambers carved into solid rock with a precision that seems impossible!
If that long ago human knd already knew about gear systems and lathe technology, then what else have we lost over time that we now claim as new technologies?
How could anyone polish an entire granite hall and a big one that is to a mirror finnish?

2. Peru...
Apart from being full of archeological wonders there is also the impossible to be found.
The Nazca region shows, in aerial views, kilometer long and perfectly straight lines.
In other regions, also in other continents, we can see images of strange people or artwork - again only from high above ground level.
Some of the artwork is only in correct proportions and with proper contours if watched from a very specific angle to the mountain in question.
The kilometer long lines are not simply on standard mountain faces but instead on top of mountain that have the top removed to be perfectly flat.
And even with a lot of posible options to interpret the lines they look like any other huge, modern airport landing strips - including runways and tracks to areas we would call terminals or service bays.
You can ignore all possible ways to interpret the design and possible use, what you can't ignore is the missing mountain top and level of accuracy on such a massive scale!

3. Pyramids...
On all continents except Australia we find pyramid structures with very similar features in terms of proportions, angles and the way the face in a certain direction.
In Egypt they just recently found another hidden chamber...
Tunnels, too small for a human to fit point to stars and star signs.
Some of the tools used to create were found with the help of small robots but also that some seem to be quite modern in age.
Did grave robbers use them at a time were it is beleived that such tools were impossible to create?
Or could they be as old as the pyramids itself?
In south america we find pyramid structures looking quite similar to those in Egypt - why so similar in features and appearance if there was no contact between the two civilisations?
To make things worse some of the Inca structures show tunnel and channel systems "leading" to the pyramid in question.
Classic thought is that they were like tunnels to direct water or provide access in the beleive the jungle was not removed to hide the complex.
Makes no sense if you see the city like areas that are now exposed and studied.
I mean: how would created a city in the jungle without removing the trees??
What could make you wonder is a simulation that was performed several years ago.
Based on a computer model in 3D different theories were tested.
Irrigation was ruled out quickly, same for access routes or secret tunnels for the priests.
One funny student got bored and decided to play god.
Assuming the Inca priests would call their gods in the sky temple to provide rain he let a monsoon go down on the pyramid.
The result was unexpected so he showed the results to his companions and they did the same test agin but simulated a massive airflow going down directly on the pyramid.
Turned out the flow would be directed away under ground with more efficiency than systems Nasa uses today for rockets and space shuttles...
Mind you the tunnels are far from straight and without this simulation it was trusted that they could not do this stuff...
We now have rocket technology that uses surface direction and vector control.
The square and flat designs leave a void insight that pretty much perferctly match the angles of those inca pyramids?
Apart from pure coincidence, what could be the reason for this match in shape and angle with a tunnel system perfect to remove hot engine gasses?
Ok, I admit, not all continents, the pyramids in Bosnia are just a hoax, so Europe is out of the race ;)
Sorry Semir :)

4. Artwork...
Be it here in Australia, the African desert or America - we find images of mystical people or rulers that could make you wonder.
Again modern tech in the form color filtering, desitity readings and 3D scanning provided us details unseen before.
If you think of gods in very ancient times and try to imagine you would be a native:
What do think how many different images of their god could 100 people imagine?
Let's agree it would be plenty...
But if we study artwork in caves and rocks from around the world we find similarities that IMHO can't be explained.
Many show features that, compared with modern technology, could be mistaken for helmets, gloves or even manual control systems.
Others show things thought to be as simple as pine cones to resemble modern milling or finnishing tools.
Again only possible by enhancing details the naked eye won't see.
With no contact to each other and often thausand of years apart:
What could the reason for having images of their gods show very similar and sometimes identical "features" ?

5. UFO technology and sightings...
Some people love to post videos of secret weapons and UFO's that are simple rocket launches at a perfect time and with perfect weather conditions to attract attention.
But what about the things we don't get to see?
Just recently the US finally admitted to have a program to investigate what we might call "UFO activity", quite costly one too...
This means a lot of leaked videos from fighter planes or spy planes you find on the net are actually the real deal.
Often "enhanced" with editing tools but authentic ones have been released by the military and other organisations now too.
If it happens over US ground and no US organisations admits to be flying the things we see than what it is?
Right, it is a UFO - An Unidentified Flying Object!
Does not mean it is alien, despite far too many people thinking an UFO must be alien :(
UFO means just that! At the time of seeing it the ones seeing it can not identify the craft or "thing".
And, no you are not alone! ;)
Happens in all parts of the world and even commercial pilots upload what they can't explain.
Oh, you are still a sceptic?
Does that mean you think some of these sightings must be alien or do think someone down here uses technology we are not supposed to know of?
If you are like me you might like to relax watching the live feed from the ISS.
In case you are not try it anyway!
Every noticed that that despite the stations own speed "forgeign" objects appear to come towards the station or even to grow in size very quickly?
If so you also noticed another very strange thing...
No matter what happens up there the stream keeps playing, even at times when the station is moved around a bit to avoid a possible hit with debris.
But every single time something appears to move around the ISS or come close to it the feed cuts out.
Ok, not every time, for well known stuff orbiting around like satellites, other stations, rocket lauchnes or supply flights they stay on.
So, what are those flying objects changing course and direction or even circling the station?
Why does the live feed cut out once an object is identified to be unidentified?

6. Roswell technology boom...
Some think the US did take ownership of an alien craft, you know the stories and movies I mean...
So called eye witness reports and some leaked documents all claim certain unknown technology in great detail.
Anything from fibre optics and microchips, over "intelligent metals" to light enhancing glass lenses and seemingly indestructable fibres...
Some say that if we would had the option to copy and understand the technology to copy it (without knowing anything about it of course) then the tech boom of the 60' would have been instantly.
Imagine flat screen TV's and smartphones with GPS 50 years ago for everyone...

7. Great land in the south - Antartica...
The mysteries originating from Antartica range from Atlantis over hidden civilisations and living dinosaurs to the often claimed secret Nazi base with submarines and lost technologies.
We all know that life as we know it can't really exists down there, so no strange animals, ancient creatures or a possibility to sustain a secret military base some 60 years ago.
Or it there more to it??
Warm lakes containing fresh water with signs of life in them have already been discovered.
Same for caves under the ice with temperatures far above freezing - constantly and again with signs of life.
Ages ago the continent was still joint with other and in a warmer region so no wonder to find fossils.
If we already found places that sustained life for thausands of years then what living things might be down there?
Maybe even a place like the Galapagos Islands but for life thought be extinct - imagine Jurassic Park for real under the ice ;)
With thriving life, vulcanos, rivers, lakes and all long before the dinosaurs it is not hard to imagine the remains under the ice and carved into the mountains.
In todays times it all covered by ice and the sea level is much much higher, so again not hard to imagine that there might be rivers running off under the ice and into the ocean.
Some maybe even connected to lakes in a hot spot sustaining life.
A secret base from some secret part of the Nazi regime over 60 years ago??
Well, with all we know today about Antartica and is also known about the technological options available at that time it is possible.
A submarine could have operated for days or even a few weeks under the ice with support ships available.
Not just with so called secret tech but simply with a big sub on a minimum crew and the support of crude ways to reclaim and produce oxygen.
If an entrance to a river leading to a suistainable area exists or existed at that time it would have been just a matter of time and endurance to find it.
Of course we can't know if it was already found and removed or used since those with capable submarines and technology these days would not talk about it ;)
But private or non government explorations map and drill more than ever, so once they hit "restricted areas" or create their own base and research station under the ice we will know ;)

What to do if you actually see (or think you do) a real UFO??
Grab the oldest and dirtiest camera aou can find, mount it on the end of your longest fishing pole and create the shakiest video possible.
And please make no references at all that would allow to get on the loctation, time or date.
Jokes aside there is a good option these days, your modern smartphone, telescope, GoPro or favourite drone.
A fake is often uploaded in very bad resolution often so low you might think an old webcam was used.
Good fakes are often just a rocket launch, so check for this before you claim it is of unknown origins.
Modern tech allows us to record a video in 4K at 60 or even 120FPS , so no excuse for a 320x240 AVI video LOL
Optical zoom causes bad results so try to avoid it if possible.
Image stabilisation can do wonders for free hand shots of moving objects, so crank it to the max even if the resulting video is a bit smaller in resolution.
Geotagging is also a good thing as it allows an easy reference.
You might see much more with you eye than what the video show, or in the best case the other way around.
That means before you upload take a step back and try too see the video like someone who was not there when it happened!
Are the movements reall that impossible?
Is it really not just a plane, rocket flares?
What sounds did you hear at the time or shortly after that might not be audible in the video?
Sometimes a plane in the distance still is in the sunlight while you already stand in the dark - keep elevation in mind ;)
Compare with other videos online that claim to be taken around the same time and area - sure you did not film a rocket launch?
But if your video is crystal clear and shows the impossible in great detail you might want to check for the usual markings on military aircrafts or flashing lights in green and red.
Still all good and impossible to explain? Then what are you waiting for?
Tell us where, when and with what type of gear and upload the video so we get evidence of unknown technologies in the use/testing or an actual UFO - Unidentified flying object, until we know better.

Again don't take me too serious today but enjoy some of the thoughts and let your imagination wander off a bit.
Lost technologies and knowlege exists, existed, is found again - whatever you want to call it.
If humans could move stone blocks the size of a small house and create them with an accuracy down to the mm then they might have known more than we think they did.
If we could melt granite to form new things, manipulate its sound or carve hollow heads of just a few mm in size then again we lost something well worth knowing.
If in ancient times people had no way of seeing really distant and dim stars then how were they able to accurately map them and predict their movement?
If milling and lathe technology was known and used when in other parts of the world we were happy to create simple and weak tools: How was it possible to create gears and know about planetary gear systems?
If the evidence of the work clearly shows advance technologies used then where are the tools used and why can we find any written records or images of it being used?
If even the all mighty US military, secret agencies and space programs fail to explain what they encounter quite often since we fly around: What is really that seems to try to hide from us while appearing to watch how we evolve, explore and fight wars?
Since you still bother to read all this nonsense:
If it appears we have "evidence" of the existance of beings capable of flying or even space travel since the dawn of time and add all the modern evidence:
Is it possible someone or something has been watching us since humans came to be?
Did "they" guide some cultures at some stage during their evolution to show us modern ways of creating alloys, machine stuff or understand what was magic or the gods at that time?
And if they did help our evolution in some parts then why did this greatly improved society disappear with no more trace than their stone remains?
How would we react if they dare to help us again?
Is there a reason that even after countless encounters noone tried to shoot one of the UFO's down?
I mean, not even a claim for trying since Rosswell.....
Not any evidence of a recent landing either.....
Or are we just watched so closely because they want something back we too from them???

I blame all spelling mistakes on my annoyingly unresponsive keyboard.
But if you still find some then feel free to keep them!
I still demand a fee if use them to make money from them ;)



1 year ago

I work with a couple of scientist and they can be the most close minded people I know. I asked them about water dowsing and they basically said it a con artist trick and has no scientific merit. bla bla bla. I have a friend who dowsers and I thought the same thing, until he said here are the wires you have a go, and sure enough those wires do move by themselves. I don't know how it works, and the scientist at work wont even look at it, or attempt to explain it. I also have an antique feng shui compass, which does some rather odd things around water, and no one has ever been able to scientifically tell me how it works.

The scientific community like to think they have the answers to everything, but as you have pointed out there are lots of things in this world we just do not understand.

On the subject of water dowsing, I read an article about the water companies here in the UK who have technicians that use divining rods to locate things like mains pipes:

Scientist finds UK water companies use 'magic' to find leaks

Here's a quote from a scientist:

"I can't state this enough: there is no scientifically rigorous, doubly blind evidence that divining rods work."

Here's a quote from me:

If it works, then it works!

We had the ame stuff happening in germany many years ago and the water guys here in AU think in the same direction.
At my old place replacement of the main water pie goin into the house was required but with the gas line close by they did not like the idea of digging.
Found both the gas and the water pipe sing my old and trusted rod.
Everyone had a good laugh about my nonsense but I used spray paint on the lawn to mark them anyway.
Once the finally managed to turn my fornt yard into a compost area the said:
"No clue how you found the pipes and even less clues on how you managed to know they make a turn here, but seems you were spot on."
Still none of guys admitted that it is possible to find pipes this way.

Evidence of this working is usually dismissed claiming that if any current is induced to create a magnetic field that would make the rod turn then it would be far too weak to do so.
I just say that it works I that I could not care less that noone can explain why LOL

Even take one step back from finding water, what makes the rods move? The will say... there is no scientifically rigorous, doubly blind evidence that divining rods move.


Reply 1 year ago

I did not even bring up "finding" water here as all my previous attempts on that topic ended hmmm...
Let's just say it like you: close minded ;)
Last time I wanted people to try out the wire "trick" most did not even try let alone give it a chance for the fun of it.
I left it with the tought that people might be too scared that it could work for them as well.
That of course would mean their understanding of physics and nature is somehow wrong and we can't accept that can we ;)
I know that I could find water under ground or even piping but does that mean it really works or simply that I am really lucky with my "predictions" ? ;)
Those who actually bothered and got stunned I told about the long dead nature scientist Schauberger and that his way of understanding nature, water in particular is still mostly considered nonsense despite proof.
These "modern" whirlpool generators that look like a shell fron a snail are not new at all, Schauberger used them long before someone bothered to invent and patent them LOL

Batteries that charge fully in minutes rather than hours - impossible!
Batteries made from sodium and glass - impossible!
So why is the impossible now available and working??? ;)
We lost too much knowledge over time, mostly due to science and trying to understand in the real world what is already "fact" on paper.
With enough money and no need to work I would love to travel around the world to spend time with all the nutcases out there claiming to know more than science.
Like all stories that survived time some of the nutcases might be more a genius than what we think ;)

Then you think wrong ;)
If theywould not be rea then why do we have a name for unknown flying objects?


1 year ago

I have found a YouTube goes by the handle “ phenomenal travels “.He has some great common sense insight , the way he looks at objects and explains what the old text teaches. I am a firm believer in older civilizations were more advanced technology.

Craig Hodgie

1 year ago

Astronomy is a fav of mine. I am an amateur and enjoy searching for new asteroids and comets. Also I am a member of 'SETI help' (Bionic) where we lend our computers off/down time to search for ET. As far as ancient astronauts visiting us I believe its possible to probable, but I am not so sure they would have left evidences of their visits accidentally. The lines in SA and other 'too obvious' relics seem to be too crudely built for star tripping ETs, even though some of the construction tolerances and alignments are astonishingly accurate! But if ET purposefully left evidences why wouldn't they stated clearly the intended use and their own identity etc? As a hopeful believer I am depressed about the 'great silence' as the absence of radio telescope evidence for ET is called by astronomers and SETI researchers. However I do think the Spinx and other ancient monuments are much older than traditionally claimed, orders of magnitude older, but that is material for another thread eh?

Downunder35mCraig Hodgie

Reply 1 year ago

Considering the age and years in the open elements the accuracy is even better ;)
One of my favourite theories is that the called aliens were actually locals.
I mean, almost every society has their own story to tell about gods coming from the sky, riding their flaming vessels and so on.
Considering the distance to the nearest start, let alone nearest star with planets that might have life I would make more sense to think about the lost ones...
Should be quite possible that we had a very advanced cicilisation long before we knew about how make a fire.
Like the dinosaurs they could have been wiped by some natural disaster.
What was left scattered around the globe and "helped" the primitives to develop until they finally died out.
As for evidence:
If they were so much smarter than we are I think it is also plausible that they were able to build and construct in a natural way, so their remains are decomposed like their bodies, except for the primitive rock art made by the locals.
Or would you prefer to leave evidence if you are the highest being in a big group of "apes"?
And no need for yet another topic on the pyramids or phinx, just let it all out ;)

Craig Hodgie

1 year ago

Oh I would like to tell the forum my user name is made up to check for spam when I am looking through my emails.....I wasn't inebriated or nuthin' when I created it....that's my story and I am sticking to it. BTW, is the user name changeable?

Downunder35mCraig Hodgie

Reply 1 year ago

You have to contact support with a nice explanation on why you need to change your username, if they are nice they do it ;)


1 year ago

1) Polishing is a well-known ancient technology, at least 4000 years old (polished Egyptian and Sumerian jewelry). Getting a hard stone (like granite) from a rough surface finish to a fine polish is done with automation today, but can be done by hand, using a series of finer and finer grits mixed with water.

Lathes are also at least 3000 years old (1300 BCE Egyptian lathes are known).

2) The Nazca lines are not "perfectly straight", although woo merchants love to make that claim. They are certainly straight to the eye at ground level (visible along lengths of a few hundred meters), but show deviations from an ideal path consistent with step-wise surveying.

The artwork is _not_ on mountain tops (please cite a reliable source), but rather on the surface of the Atacama desert, and have survived this long primarily because the desert is extraordinarily dry, and was not part of any major trade routes.

3) Nearly all the pyramids need to have "hidden voids" in them, in order to reduce the load borne by flat ceilings of known shafts and chambers (Egyptian technology did not include arches or vaults, just post-and-lintel). We just haven't found most of them.

The shape of a pyramid is very simple, an artificial hill. Why would multiple cultures _not_ come up with an "artificial hill" structure as a representation of power or authority?

4) Pareidolia is a dangerous game to play. Just because something "looks like" your favorite futuristic technology doesn't mean it is.

7) Please provide reliable source citations for your various Antarctic claims, especially for anything "well above freezing."


Reply 1 year ago

Some people take the fun section here way toooo serious ;)


Reply 1 year ago

Nah! Some of us just have too much free time during the winter break ;-/


Reply 1 year ago

Ok, I get my towel and some beer nuts....
You would't have a spare fish would you?


Reply 1 year ago

No gill breathers, Just a mammalian improbability Whale..

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