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Your trash is my treasure.... Answered

Word. The picture there is so you can understand what im trying to say.


pitbull is the best screw u


9 years ago

You treasure Eminem?

Well, I just treasure his music. And every other hip hop song (except pitbull, he sucks.)

You once told me he was a washed up wannabe that needs to stop pretending. And you said he wasn't very good, Storm950 can back me up on that one. Ah well, if you like him now that's fine with me.

I can :) I'm late, but, I can back him up. :D

I so dislike hip hop/rap! But I can't deny that Eminem and a few others are very talented. I find the music lacking, but some of those guys have a great grasp of meter and rhyme!


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I guess what I dislike most is the culture that goes with it. It's just a lot of guys pretending to be tougher, richer, more sexually promiscuous, and "badder" than they really are. The ability to cleverly rhyme long streams of "big" words impresses me though. Snoop and Dre are geniuses, Public Enemy was truly "in your face", and I thought Run-DMC was clever, but guys bragging about ho's, biatches, Tec 9's, lowriders, and weed is just embarassing.

Well, I can't really deny the fact that it's true.... But there are a lot of 'bad' rappers out there who's just in it for the fun of it, like Eminem or Ice T. True, true.... But you gotta appreciate their ability to make good music...

Yeah, it's kinda like classical/symphony music. I really don't care for it, because I've got to have worthwhile lyrics! But on the other hand, I envy the ability of those guys (and girls). If I could play like them (or rhyme like Eminem), I'd get a 4-peice band and make Folk/Rock/Punk/ Outlaw-Bluegrass music!

Haha, cool. You should jam with your family and call your band "T3h Skunks".

No, wait, that's a terrible idea.... I wouldn't want a cool dude like you to be the next Jonas Brothers =P

My sister and I are considering a "Punkabilly" (punk-hillbilly fusion)band. She lives in New York city, and says we can make a fortune in the Subways.

Awesome, go for it. Just make sure you wouldn't turn into the Jonas Brothers of the Subway community!

all disney sponsored "rock" sucks.

Yeah. The Jo' G@ys claimed that they created the word 'Pwn'. WTF?! They even spelled it wrong! According to them, the proper spelling is 'Pone'. Epicest fail.

The epicest fail in the history of epic fails.

Don't worry. We'd be more like a Bob Dylan, Sid Vicious, Janis Joplin combo.

Alright, now that's more like it. Good luck on that!

I sort of agree. I'm not a big rap fan (normally I like indie rock and psychedelic stuff), but Eminem is pretty awesome. Have you heard much of his old music?

yeah. What do you think my picture is?

pitbull suck balls. have u heard the song 3am by eminem? watch the music video. it's creepy.

click on it and u can watch it on youtube

"I wake up at 3am and put my key in the door and..." We all sing that in a high squeaky voice when were drunk. It's an awful song, nevermind when we sing it :P/

I dont really listen to rap, instead i have the weirdest taste ever: Death metal, techno and classical. I dont really care about what music is "better", its all up to the listener. Regardless of your taste, music is important in everybodys life. So no matter what your opinion is, you should always cherish the music!!!!!


Most rap songs rule except for flo-rida and pitbull. To me, rock and roll seems to be about who can make the loudest noise and all. I only like one rock song. Btw, I'm rollin' in mah six-fo'.

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I ain't gonna eat, I ain't gonna sleep, ain't gonna breathe 'till I see what I wanna see, and what I wanna see is you go to sleep in the dirt, permanently you just bein' hurt.....(then it gets explicit) Eminem pwns.

Let's all crank dat homeless man! Homeless man ain't got no rent, askin' you for 30 cent, if you got it be a gent and drop it here my friend now watch me you'll crank dat homeless man, you'll crank dat homeless man, you'll give me 50 cent, you'll crank dat homeless man, you'll give me 30 cent......

Eminem isn't bad!