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Your urban legends Answered

When I think of urban legends, the Mythbusters come to mind. Perhaps this is because I watch the show almost religiously, or just today's society. Although their methods are often questionable, they have put some definitive legends to the test. However, I often find myself wishing that they would test some less famous and more common everyday topics. For example: Will covering yourself in a fire blanket protect you from an explosion? Will touching an electric fence while wet short out your watch? Your thoughts?


Something you won't see on Mythbusters, one for the boys,

If you xxxxxxxxxx a lot, you'll go blind..

Anyone care to bust this myth.. : - )

Totally Busted
My folks were gone one day for the entire day, so I did it all day long with visual stimula. I was high for hours, and I certainly didn't lose my vision. I highly recommend you try to bust it for yourself ;]

TOO MUCH INFO!!! Now to gouge out your eyes with a rusty spoon! So, I guess, the act itself doesnt cause blindness -- but peoples reactions do :P

I have a feeling the Mythbusters want to test that out ;-) -- it'd just wouldn't make good T.V. (At least, for their target audience :P)

Do you wear glasses or are you just not trying enough?

What do you think the safety goggles are for? Lol, jk.


10 years ago

Will touching an electric fence while wet short out your watch?

I think the least of my worries would be my watch....

But yes, I would like to know the answers of some, though certain ones, in my mind, shouldn't be solved. Like Nessie. It's just fun to wonder and imagine.

If you touched the fence "with" the watch, maybe.

I touched a metal cased watch to a broken electrical outlet (110 v) accidentally. I got a shock, blew the circuit breaker, and ended up replacing the outlet. Other than an arc-chip taken out of the watch casing, it worked fine after that.

Yeah, I was thinking it might take a bit more voltage (like a 20,000+ v static discharge) to mess up a watch, although Casio and many calculator watches may be more sensitive.

Can a zipper save you from a bullet?
Double dipping is bad?
Ghaaa! I used to have a whole list! Now I can only remember two!

I was just watching them minutes ago....and they "tested" a few "remedies" for the burn of capsicum, the heat in hot peppers. They left out the one logical one however: which kind of torqued me a little. Much of Capsicum's "burn" comes from it's strong alkaline nature. Neutralize it with the proper acid and it should reduce the "heat", when needed. I LIKE my hot peppers. And I had already experienced some of the failures they brought to light in the show (plus a few they didn't test, like saltine crackers....busted). Milk works, but only mildly so. This is because milk fats contain an emollient that helps dissolve and thus wash away, the oil that has the capsicum in it.. But, this is why it is only mildly effective. ...some is always left behind. If one neutralizes the alkaline, one effectively stops the burn. Now, for those that like hot peppers, one notices that, hot peppers pickled in vinegar are tremendously milder then eating the same pepper fresh. Hmm, does vinegar work ? I does for me.

try sour cream or butter

i got one... when holding a lighter in front of a aresol can with flammable contents and using it to make a flame thrower, can the can explode?

I know that one, the answer is no. You see, combustion (fire, explosions) requires oxygen, there is no oxygen in the can, therefore, no combustion. What the fire MAY do is melt the plastic valve that controls the aresol output, releasing more than desired. This will just make a sort of flame-jet that may not go out.

but according to this can of glue on my desk, the heat can cause the can to explode. "... as high temperatures may cause bursting." of course it also says "DO NOT SPRAY IN EYES OR MOUTH" i want to know the person who did that. you know someone did it at one point in time in order for the warning to be on there. hmmm glue... wonder what that tastes like... "could be harmful or fatal if swallowed. if swallowed, do not induce vomiting." i wonder what happens if you start to throw up if you spray it down your throat...

Yes, so make sure you do not toss it into a fire as the pressure will build and it will explode OR take off like a short lived rocket (depending on which end blows, determines which direction it will fly in).

"DO NOT SPRAY IN EYES OR MOUTH" i want to know the person who did that. you know someone did it at one point in time in order for the warning to be on there.

Just like the warning on some automobile batteries that say not to drink the contents.....

if swallowed, do not induce vomiting." i wonder what happens if you start to throw up if you spray it down your throat...

The chemical apparently burns on the way down, one should not purposely induce vomiting as it will again burn on the way out. It would be better to get the hospital to pump it out.

Another reason not to induce vomitting is the risk of it getting into the lungs

Yes, that is absolutely true. Thank you for reminding me of that, as that would apply to things not so corrosive.

I eated glue once, and nothing bad happened to me! mmmm, white smells good.....

Do you know the person who used the hairdryer while they were sleeping? Now THAT is something I want to know, I can see someone using it in the bath tub, but not when they were sleeping....

hahaha i have to find a hair dryer now. i ate elmers glue before, but not this "or fatal if swallowed" glue... why isnt there a warning about getting old spice body wash in your eyes? it happened to me this morning and i mst say that it burns worse than any shampoo i have ever used. yet no warning... think i can sue?

You know, there is no warning on my wife's curling iron that you shouldn't stick it in you ear either.......*sigh*

stick it in your ear and sue, you could be a millionaire!

I dunno, if you can sue McDonald's for having hot coffee, you can probably sue old spice for stinging your eyes.... I will be checking the papers ; )

Maybe they were sleep walking ? LOL

Right after the sleep shower, eh ?

ive fallen asleep in the shower before on numerous occasions. usually i wake myself up as a i fall, but there are the few occasions where that didnt happen and it didnt feel so great.

I haven't had that happen in the shower, but I have had it happen while standing elsewhere. That is officially known as a "rude awakening" LOL

The can can overheat and burst. IF the opening is large enough, the flame can travel into the can (sucking oxygen around the edge of the opening) where it can explode. Possible in propane cylinders, but not likely in smaller cans.

Which is obviously not fun while holding the can, as the jet will now be streaming straight upwards into one's face.

Not necessarily upwards, depending on the angle one holds said can at. Needless to say, still not fun.

Hmm, yeah if one held the can upside down (or even just facing downward) while.....oh never mind...that would just about guarantee trouble, wouldn't it? :-) I have always wondered, since I have seen this, (not while there was a flame in front of the nozzle) sometimes the propellant runs out before the actual solvent / whatever-is-in-the-can does. This drop in pressure could cause some problems I would think.

yeah. The mot retarded urban legend I can think of is that if you cut a shag rug it'll grow back. Jamie and Adam should use that to annoy Grant Tori and kerri

I had kind of a spiky rubber pencil grip and I cut it ans I swear it grew back.

Spending to much time on instructible will cause the viewer toget the hacker's disease (becoming addicted to the following site:Instructables, Make:blog,Hack A day) anyone care to bust dis one?

That's complete and utter nonsense. They busted it on Instructables 1 hour, 12 minutes and 4 seconds ago, but it first showed up on Hackaday 4 hours and 43 minutes 3 seconds ago.

I caught an episode the other day where they tried to demonstrate the famous painting of Benjamen Franklin holding the kite with the key attached to the twine of the kite.

While their experiments were well done, it's common knowledge that the events depicted in the painting didn't actually take place. It was nothing more than an artist's rendering of what the artist assumed took place. In reality, Franklin did the experiment using a Leyden jar to capture the static electricity of lightning rather than a key.

he did use a leyden jar but the myth goes and the general population thinks that he touched a key and it sparked. they do the stuff according to the myth sometimes not actual reality...as adam says he gets "what the hell are we doing moments"

but most people still believe that he used a key. even though its common knowledge you would be surprised at the number of people who do not know this. i read a thing on a study done once with elementary school students. it claimed the 1 out of every 50 (i think it was 50, but not entirely sure. im putting it anyways) didnt know who George Washington was.

When I thing of urban legends, I think of [http:\\www.snopes.com\ Snopes].


"Will touching an electric fence while wet short out your watch?" No, there would need to be a potential difference across the circuit in the watch for it to do damage. Cheers, Pat. Pending