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Youtube Hunter Answered

I am a little bit upset, because there are so much instructables without really content....

Just a link to a youtube video!

a Link to youtube is not an instructable in my opinion.

How can it resolved?



2 years ago

Lots of youtubers come here to share their how-to videos, and it's okay.

I often gently encourage new members that strictly create video content to post written steps to accompany their videos (usually through a private message), and mention the featuring criteria.

Posting written steps along with their videos will greatly increase their chances of being featured, which in turn can help them grow their subscriber audience on youtube. So it's a big win-win if they're willing to do that extra work.

But there's nothing wrong with just posting a stand-alone, how-to videos. These are just less likely to get as much attention as content from video creators that include written steps.

Sam (seamster)

Community Manager


Reply 2 years ago

May be its my subjective perception, it is ok for me now.


2 years ago

There was a period, some time ago, when "video only" instructables were welcomed - it may be that you've run into these? Or is there a specific recent project you are referring to?