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Youtube vs Metacafe and other things that have started to bug me Answered

I have been a member for a while and have watched as more and more people begin to use metacafe. I don't know why I feel so strongly about this but I really don't like the metacafe users. It seems like when they could use either one (or better yet they could actually write out their instructions into an instructable) they choose to use metacafe just so they can get payed. (and they certainly do. Some recieve more than others, but all get a guaranteed number of hits by uploading it here with an interesting name.) They don't make full instructables. They sometimes now don't even make it an instructional video. They just make a video saying 'hey look what i made.' It is a valid use to make a genuinely good instructional video. (see: Kipkay's vids and a few others) It is also a valid use to make a video showing the project doing whatever it does. (see: Greg Madison's Tron Lamp) It is another thing entirely to make a quick video of you mumbling something incoherent while turning your project result over and over, or a video that has no instructional value and calling it an instructable. It seems just wrong when someone slaps up a bunch of metacafe vids that merely demonstrate old applications of old inventions to a site that is focused on new inventions or new uses for old ones. I don't know about you guys but these things just piss me off. -my two cents (now toss in yours)



I'm not bothered by metacafe itself and have been meaning to set up an account, simply because they have a lot of options for displaying your videos... I don't like people who throw videos up here that aren't relevant or are non instructional, least of all that kentchemistry person, that bugs me, a lot... On the other hand should someone decide to post good instructables, with metacafe videos involved who am I to persecute them, it's not like they're taking the money out of my pocket...


10 years ago

my government likes metacafe i think since they ban youtube for life

Thats odd. They actually banned youtube completely? Where do you live.

Turkey(i live in Turkey) When you write www.youtube.com it says "this website has been banned by XXXX Court on XX/XX/XXXX"

. That really sucks, but thanks for reminding me how lucky I am to be in the US.

No problem with me since I hardly move off instructables.com

ur really lucky to be on the us

. This is not a problem with MetaCafe videos, it is a problem with poorly constructed Ibles. What difference does it make if someone is getting paid, as long as it's a good Ible? . If you think an Ible is not up to snuff, give it a "-". If it's THAT bad (eg, misleading title), flag it. If you feel real strongly about it, PM someone on staff. . From what I can tell, staff does pay attention to flags and PMs, but they don't always reply. And they don't always agree with me. heehee

If you genuinely think a particular video (or slideshow or Instructable) does not belong on the site, then use the flag button - if The Management agree, it will go.

I do flag some of the more insipid videos i find but I think of it like a minor crime. Is it better to tell the murderer that he has done wrong or is it better to convince the man not to become a murderer?

I sometimes use metacafe, for most instructable stuff I use youtube, but if there's something that I think a huge amount of people would want to watch, then I put it on metacafe because, why not? I hate fake videos with extraordinary claims as a title I hate that people who don't deserve the money get it.

I agree with you. I feel that useless video "instructables" are just here to get people money, rather than educate others on how to actually make it. Not for all video instructables, but a few, it seems as if people are too lazy to complete a full instructable, so they just make a video to get hits on metacafe.