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ZEBRA NAIL ART CONTEST march 7-14th Answered

HOW TO ENTER:  i want you to show me zeba print themed nails that have bright rezillient colers and really stand out. give me a how to, on how to do the desighn,without it you are not eligible to win.

RULES: have fun,and do your best!

WINNERS: there will be a 1st and 2nd winner.

PRIZES: the first prize winner will recive a one year membership code. yet the second winner will recive nothing but a pat on the back,sorry......but who knows maby you will win !

if you enter send me a private message saying (im in).


hey i made a new contest and alredy have two entries i was wondering if you could still give a membership code?

Looks good. Have people post their entries as comments here.

Maybe send a PM to authors who have posted nail projects in the past. Do some outreach, see if they're interested.