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ZKAR Review and Mods Answered

So I recently built the ZKAR V2 by Zak on KI.

Direct link: http://knexinnovation.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=711

My mods:

Comfort in the front
Pusher mod

What to expect with above mods: (out of 10(ratings not in parentheses are with above mods and ratings in parentheses are with out above mods)):

Looks: 9 (8) - Could do without the trigger piece on the top of the gun.

Comfort: 8 (7) - I have not modded the handle, and the pin guide is kind of in the way of sighting.

Ease of Use: 10 (9) - All you need to do is pull then push the bolt(with the exception of going slower than usual) and loading the mag is very easy.

Coolness: 10 (9) - True bolt action, safety, and stupendous power and accuracy. Will "blow" your freinds away!

Piece consumption: 8 (8) - Uses quite a few pieces, and before DJ Radio got a shipment of knex, he couldn't build it.

*Note: These next three are with 1 big, red rubberband(about 3/4 a centimeter wide) from a slingshot kit*

Power: 8 (8) - From thirty feet away, my sister said she could feel a slight sting for a second. Could be better, but still very good. And, can penetrate cardboard from 25 feet.

Accuracy: 8 (8) - 38 feet

Range: 9 (9) - flat-45 feet angled-70 feet

Overall: 70 out of 80

Average rating: 8.5

Great as a...
Primary rifle: 8 - Could be a little better, but it is very cool.
Secondary: 5 - very bulky and large piece amount.
Just a fun gun to play with: 10 - Very fun.

If you would like me to P0$T the safety and comfort mod, just let me know.


please post the safety mod.


8 years ago

Why tell about mods and not post pictures. That's less than pointless.

I asked if any one wanted instructions. Then I will post pics.

It takes 2 minutes to take a couple pictures. You might as well just post pics.

But if I do, then people will be like "this is so dumb. Anyone can do that."


"Wow, a one-peice mod!"

Excuse me, that should be: "Why tell about mods and not post pictures?"