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ZUBBLES! Answered

15 years (and $3M!) in the making, finally the world's first colored bubbles have landed. And popped. And disappeared.

Inventor Tim Kehoe spent nearly half his life creating these mesmerizing wonders that are sure to appeal to children and adults alike!

Thanks to some seriously novel chemistry, the stain they appear to leave when they break vanishes in seconds.

Go blow some up today! They can only be purchased here

via: MAKE


Now we need a holdable bubble that soldifies after it comes off the wand.

 I own holdable bubbles. The come in vial like things. I think I got mine in oregon........


8 years ago

Very unique in appearance and just plain cool.

That's awesome!! : ) not exactly what I'd want to spend half my life doing, but I definatly hope he turns a profit off of these after all his work..

Ordered some yesterday, after a VERY LONG wait since 2005. I cannot wait to see what they are like...

Cool !


8 years ago

These were in popular science four years ago and I did a report on them. They were supposed to come out in 2007 but they never did come out. It is good to see that they finally made them.

Hmm... of course they are like double the price range of normal bubbles. And that is late shipping (7-10 days for shipping)! But anyway, they seem awesome! Once the price comes down, I will go to Toys R' Us and buy some xD

Too bad I'm saving my money...

SWEET he should make it holdable so you can piff em at people and they get freaked

Guy is gonna make bank, until some Chinese manufacturer rips him off, probably take a week.