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Zeer Pot (Pot in Pot) Air Conditioning Answered

Here is an idea I had for a zeer Pot AC. It basically uses a zeer pot full of water to cool a coil with water flowing through it back to a fan inside the house. Do you think It'll work?


Thanks for the comments and suggestions. Would it help I I used a submersible water pump and moved it into the zeer pot? And I could probably use some other kind of transfer fluid. either alcohol, acetone or maybe something like the fluid that is used in the in floor radiant systems. Oh, and I don't know if you know this, but there is a copper coil inside the pot. I'm not pumping water straight out of the pot.

If you make it a sealed system, switch the pump to the other line-or switch the direction and use acetone or alchohol might thermodynamics be with you?

& by sealed system I mean stick a radiator in the bucket & let the water cool it that way.

No. Thermodynamics is against you.

After a long enough time, the temperature inside the house will be (approx.) the same as outside.

There will be a cooling effect of water evaporating in the zeer pot, but on the other hand, you will have heating effects of the pump (that could be put outside) and the fan. Albeit small, but still existing.

I think, while a zeer is good to keep its inside (relatively small cavity, good insulated) cool (in respect to the outside), it will not do much for a probably badly thermically insulated room with big heat sources [i.e. humans] inside.

Kind of a cooling effect - yes, AC -no.
Anyway, if you try it and prove me wrong, I'll build one ;-)