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Zelda games are too frustrating Answered

I am currently attempting to play Legend of Zelda Windwaker. I am at the art where I must obtain the second triforce shard. It sucks, because I find myself constantly having to look at online guides, which aren't very helpful. Am I crazy to say that Windwaker is one of the most frustrating games ever?


Zelda games are my fav Because what else can you ask for? Great story lines LLLLLOOONNNGGGGG plots which makes the game-play longer so you feel like you get your value for money There's nothing that pisses me off more than buying a game and finishing it in like 10 hours :S

took me a month to finish OoT (First time) , and half a month to finish WW (First time),

im afraid that i never played the wind waker... i can say that zelda games can be frustrating though. hardest time i ever had in one was on ocarina of time in the water temple. if you are looking for a helpful online guide, try
you will have to create an account with them, but its free.

The water temples seem to be pretty hard on all the games Twlights one took a good hour or two

yeah, but the twilight one didnt compare to ocarinas in my opinion lol. though twilight did take me a good while to figure out what the heck i was supposed to do next... once i got it figured out though, it was pretty easy.

in twilight was the water level where you had to change all of the stairways and whatnot?

yep. at least thats what i considered to be the water level.

yeah I thought that was one of the less irritating ones. I hated the sand place.

The sand place was awesome-o I got stuck in the Ice temple thingyo beucase i was playing on an old Tube TV with bad contrast and couldnt see a grapple spot :S

I loved all of the temples in Twilight Princess. They were all so fun. I really want to get a Wii and play the game over again! :D

Zelda was pretty much the reason why i bought a Wii
and i know it came out on GameCube aswell but the Wii was the right choice :D

  • ppleeasseeee dont start this into a Wii vs Other consoles :S

I love the wii, but I played the wii version of twilight and I didn't like it as much. And I was really mad when I saw that on the wii version Link is right handed. He is supposed to be left-handed, people!

Nerd fact: He's left handed in Twilight Princess. Twilight Princess is actually a Gamecube game, which was ported to the Wii (they were released at the same time though). On the original game, i.e the gamecube one, Link is left-handed. However, since the Wii requires physical movements, Nintendo simply mirrored twilight princess for the Wii, because most gamers are right handed. That's why the Wii version has the same environments and graphics (with enhanced lighting though, which in my opinion looks worse) except flipped horizontally. There you go, you see! Now you know! Trust me, this fact WILL get you laid (probably) ;)

hahaa yeah but i think my arm would drop off if i had to use my left hand as swording with all the repetitive small quick swings :S

in fact, that was one of the reasons that I don't like the wii version. and at times the sword movements were slightly delayed. I will admit that the aiming mechanism in much better, but still it was a little to sensitive...

Well the aiming put Red Steel to shame, and i when i bought Red Steel i hated it soooo much Im looking foward for the Crossbow game with the zapper thing

Hurrah! I am no longer the only person who has played twilight princess on the venerable g-cube! all hail the purple lunchbox!

i played it on the cube. in fact our wii isnt even hooked up, but the cube is lol. i liked the bosses on there too. the sand place boss was annoying more than anything. ride the little wheel up the wall jump back and forth... i barely remember it. my favorite place though was the final area when your in the twilight realm or whatever. i just loved the atmosphere there.

Yeah it was awesome how your sword lights up... and all the creatures were really cool. I'd bet anything that the developers of Twilight were Lor of the Rings Nerds.

oh bummer. I thought the ice place was pretty fun. One thing I loved about twilight princess is how the bosses are so amazing. The sand place boss sucked majorly, it was so easy...

What pisses me off is Link never ever talks and he cant jump unless its off something great games though

do you have a game guide? i beat it with help from a guide, and then i got halfway through master quest without dieing, by memory, it's easy if you have a great memory.


memory is also how i beat OoT for the third time with FIFTEEN HEARTS AND 000 CONTINUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Zelda games (Including wind waker) aren't very difficult, if you really think it sucks then i must say that you suck.


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I like how the zelda games are so long. But the one thing that really grinds my gears is...ZELDA IS NOT THE MAIN CHARACTER!!!!!!!I mean, why not call it "The legend of someone who is always captured"!

zelda games are fun but to long

You just need to have patience... especially with the sailing. So much sailing! I didn't think the game was very hard, but I admit that sometimes it was too vague about what you need to do next. :P

I thought that wasnt hard of a game at all. I would help you but the last time I played it was 2 years ago.