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Zener diode Regulator Assy Answered

I am in need of assitance for assembly instructions for building a 5V power supply from a 12v power supply using axial components. I am not sure of the orientation & solder method of components. Thanks for any help. MCD


use a 7804 voltage regulator, ~$2 at radioshack

Thanks, Sounds good...but how would I install the regulator using a 12v GSM7-12 Condor Power Supply? I can't compormise the 12v I have going out. MCD

the 7804 needs 7v minimum to operate the circuit is VERY simple to make something along the lines of this, but without the LED of the resistor


Tell me if my thought concept is correct; 1) The middle pin is ground (not to earth) and the 2 outside locations are output and input? 2) I would use a breadboard to mount the regulator on and then run stranded wires with mechanical solder joints to my input/output locations? Sorry if I am not more knowledgeable than I should be. MCD

left pin in input, right pin is output Depending on how much Amperage you need, you could either stick it into a breadboard (low power) or screw it onto a heatsink, and solder the wires to it (high power) The regulator will give you 5v, and what happens to the 12v you put in? it turns to heat

Ok, The help you are responding with is awesome and appreciated. The attached image reflects 2 power supplies one 24v & one 12v. I am using the 12v to pull off 5v that I need for another device. Am I on the right path here using the voltage regulator? And will I still have 12v available for my other device? If you look at the image is the heatsink in the corner of the power supply? And do I need any other components to perform the voltage regulation? Hope I am not asking to many questions. MCD


The lower the voltage that you put in, the less heat the Regulator produces, so i would go with the 12v line all you need the regulator and possibly a heat sink why do you need 5V anyway?

I am somewhere between 99% and 101% sure you mean 7805, not 7804 You can still power stuff with 12 volts with this attached, just think of it as if this wasn't even attached, the wiring is the same.

oops!!! i googles 7804 the only thing that came up was this!!

Almost there...I have mounted the regulator to the Heat Sink and now I need to verify where to mount the heat sink. Can I glue it to the Punchboard..if so what type of adhesive would I use? Thanks, MCD

you could just tie wire around it, and secure it that way, or you could use glue or any other adhesive use epoxy, super glue, probably not hotglue, cuz it can melt

Thanks Fellas...This is all starting to make sense. Now regarding the location of the installation, which is the best location for the regulator, on the 12v power supply or somewhere on the punchboard? Also, what type of heatsink & how would the heatsink attach to the regulator? MCD

or if you have some thermal glue you can just glue it to the main PS heatsink.