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ZnSe lens cleaning Answered

At work we have a ZING laser knockoff and SOMEbody "accidentally" walked off aaaand it caught on fire. Almost everything has been tried to clean it, even putting it in acetone in the ultrasonic cleaner, and the lens is still crap. Short of buying a £75 replacement lens what inexpensive methods could be used to return it to a near-original state?


What kind of "cack" is on the lens, i.e. what was burning?


What if it is carbonized or partially carbonized?

Nothing dissolves carbon, excepting carbon structures like balls & tubes, but they'll be a very small percentage of the dark stuff on there.


What if the carbon doesn't need to be dissolved, what would make the carbon want to let go of the ZnSe?

Oxygen + heat, perhaps? But I wouldn't fancy the chances of the lens surviving.
You might scrape it off, but I don't think zinc selenide is that hard.


What temperature would the conversion to CO2 happen in a non-plasma environment?

I don't know, and we don't know much about what is actually on the lens either.


Sorry, I forgot, carbon does dissolve in molten iron.


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