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Zombie RPG / D&D Style Game Answered


I've been in the zombie hype for awhile, (about a year ago,) and after finishing a couple of Zplans, I decide it would be fun to kill some zombies with dice and statistics. Alas, this is quite the beta, and it generally uses d6's, as well as some skewed grammar and stats.

First things first. You are not a specified character. You have no character sheet, you have no special abilites. The following few paragraph will explain a few confusing things, and give hints on how your location will affect your game. Then, there will basic weapon stats. Later, there will be about how zombies affect you, and what kinds of zombies there are, and their health. You will also learn how you can scrounge for stuff from bodies. 

Subdivide means to roll for what section it is applicable for. Say your about to go into a room, you would roll for SURVIVOR and ZACH Room check. Say you get a four(4). That means there is something in the room. You would then decide if it was locked. (Unnecessary, but for extra gameplay, most are going to be locked. Hit the lock with something, and roll for it's regular attack. If the attack is successful, you broke the lock. If not, well, you may have to literally blow up the door, or say that you cannot go into the room.) Let's say no lock for times sake. Now, you know something/someone is in there. Subdivide by rolling what it is. Second line of Survivor and Zach Room Check shows this. Luckily, you roll a one(1). That means a Military person is in the room. They can have Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, Rifles with Scoped subclass, And Scatterguns with the Breacher Barrel subclass. You can only find them in Military bases, Start Variable Location:Warzone, or ALERTNESS Yellow or higher.

When moving through a house, roll for room encounters. You may roll for how many rooms you must go through,( If I roll 5, I need to go through 5 rooms before getting out, or to destination around/in house) so you must roll for encounters/room searches while in those rooms.(You would roll 5 times in this case for People and Zach Room check rolls.)  In a house, you may roll for RUN, so 1-2 success, and go to the next room. 4-6, unsuccessful, roll for Scratch. (1-3 Scratched, 4-6 safe.)

  ALERTNESS is just a guide for what zombies are available to kill. The ALERTNESS bar is unnecessary; however it adds another angle to the game. It is at the back of this guide. 

Ideas, Tips and Otherwise: Tanks, APCs, Pickups, convenience stores, Molotov Cocktail, Improvised weapons, have some fun, and add to this game! Make up some weapons, apply variable splash damage, and just make sure you kill some Zach!

  Your start variables should be placed on a separate sheet, for reference. Say for location you picked rainforest/jungle, (your geography, weather, and season fits that description.) you will need/want to roll for Scratches more. (For realism, generally, there will be more crawlers, same with Aristriked Urban.) Same for Urban, and Airstriked-Urban, (Broken buildings, rubble, etc.) or Warzone. (More military personnel. Tanks? Have some fun! :) 

START VARIABLES (At the top of the game sheet.)





# Zach's:

Zach's Location:

Population Density:

Specialized Setting:

Attack Rolls:

Locks (Y/N):

Scratch (Y/N):

Alertness Level (Y/N):

Supplies (Y/N):

Leg Break (Y/N):

Travel Days (Y/N):


Supplies is a form of food, ammunition, and other necessary items for a single day. Each survivor in your current group takes 1 supply per day. Supplies can be found by subdividing if your preceding ROOM SEARCH roll is 1-2.

If Travel Days is active/applicable, your group takes only 4 supplies per day, individual people in your group do not take any supplies, and you cannot be attacked by Z's. Travel Days are good if you have more than 4 people in your group, and have low health, or need to get somewhere.

BITES are fatal, you take 3 supplies when bitten, then the following day you become a Z. Your group can take your weapons.

SCRATCH'S are non-fatal; you take 2 supplies for 3 days. (7supplies, because of the one you took the day you were bitten, then the 6 you will take for the following days.)

For all melee attacks, roll for bone breaks. 1-2 break, 3-5 Scratched, 6 safe.

Scratch disables RANGED and FIREARMS attacks.

For disabled, or failed melee attacks, 1-2 = arms, or arm, 3-4 =legs, or leg, 5-6 = chest or neck break.

A Neck Break Disable turns Zach melee attacks to 2 bitten, 1 and 3 scratched, 4-6 safe.

Arms/Legs breaks decreases that zombies fighting ability to 2 bitten, 1 and 3 scratched, 4-5 safe, 6 breaks leg of human.  When a human has a leg broken, he/she takes two supplies per day, and halves the amount of current PTD. (Play Time per Day)


To determine the time a day takes to complete, roll for the PTD, or Play Time per Day. This is found by rolling a 6 sided dice, then multiplying the number on the dice by 3. This is approximately how long a "day" is in the ZRPG, in minutes. You will need a watch or timer to play this game, if you want to apply PTD.


Scattergun(Shotgun) = 1-3 hit, 4-6 miss, Melee 1-4 hit, 5-6 disabled. RANGE:3 This affects a maximum of 3 Zs. Roll for 1-2 1 Zach affected, 3-4 2 Zach affected, 5-6 3 Zach affected.

Sub-Class: Breacher Barrel, 1-2 hit, instant death upon Z's, breaches locked doors/drywall (Apartments, this happens if you like to shoot stuff, or the lock you just suck at opening wont unlock,).

Pistol = 1-4 hit, 5-6 miss. RANGE: 4 Melee 1-3 hit, 4-6 failed, if failed, roll for scratches, Z is disabled if successful hit. Subdivide for disable type. RANGE: 1

Sub-Class: Laser, 1-5 hit, 6 miss. RANGE: 5

Rifle = 1-4 hit, 5-6 miss. RANGE: 10 Melee 1-2 hit, instant kill, 3-5 disabled, 6 scratched. RANGE: 2

Sub-Class: Sighting-Laser, 1-4 hit, 5 miss, 6 disable. RANGE: 12.  Bayonet, see knife attack roll. Scope, 1-9 successful on 12 sided die. RANGE: 16

Assault Rifle = 1-4 hit, 5 miss, 6 instant kill or disable, you pick. RANGE: 14

Sub-Class: Grenade Launcher, 1-4, instant 4 Z's kill, when applicable. 5-6 miss Blows open walls/doors, when you fail  assault rifle as a prerequisite to use a grenade launcher.

Sub-Machine gun: 1-4 hit, 5-6 miss. Has a three round burst, you can hit a Z 3 times, or 3 Z’s 1 time each, or any combination thereof.



Crowbar = 1-4 hit, 5-6 miss.

Sub-Class: N/A

2x4 = 1-4 hit, 5-6 miss.

Sub-Class: Additional Spike/Nail 1-4 hit, 5-6 miss, roll for instant kill, or instant disable. Sheet Metal Tipped, instant disable 1-4, 5-6 miss.

Bat = 2-5 hit, 1 and 6 miss.

Sub-Class:Aluminum Bat, 1-3 and 6 hit, 4 bat bends (You cannot use the bat anymore)                                        5 miss, instant disable if hit is successful.

                   Steel Bat 2-5 hit, 1 and 6 miss, instant kill if hit is true.

Sledgehammer = 1-3 hit, 4-6 miss, roll for Scratch if hit is false, insant disable/kill, subdivide for odd/even. You cannot attack next round, but you can use a secondary.

Sub-Class: Industrial size, 1-5 hit, 6 miss, instant kill, Scratch if miss. You can only use this once per battle, however at the cost of a Scratch, you may use it again.


Axe = 1-2 hit, 3-6 miss, instant kill. You can only use this once per battle, however at the cost of a Scratch, you may use it again.

Sub-Class:Double Sided axe, 1-3 hit, kills 2 Z's. You may use this twice on your turn, You can only use this once per battle, however at the cost of a Scratch, you may use it again.

Hatchet = Melee, 1-4 hit, 5-6 miss, Thrown, 1-2 hit, 3-6 miss, if hit, roll = 1-3, disabled, 4-6 instant kill

Sword = 1-3 hit, 4-6 miss. Instant disable, or roll for instant kill, 1 and 6 instant kill, 2-5 disable.


Knife =1-2 eye stab, instant kill. 3-4 disable. 5-6 miss. If miss, roll for 1-4 scratched, 5-6 bitten. Thrown 1-4 hit, instant disable. 5-6 miss. When you successfully instant kill or disable a zombie, you lose your knife.

Sub-Class: Improvised weapon w/ rifle. 1-4 instant kill,  5-6 disable.


Bow and Arrow =1-3 hit, 5-4 disabled, 6 miss.

Sub-Class: Bomb Arrows,1-4 instant death. Fire Arrows 1-4 hit, roll again, 1-3 immolates Z's, 4-6 damages torso. See Molotov Cocktail effects.

Molotov Cocktail = 1-5 hit, 6 immolated, dies 3 days. Buildings burn 3 days.

Sub-Class:Alcohol Bomb, 1-6 hit, no misses. 2 Alcohol Bombs kill a Z, 2 days. Starts building fire.


Room Search Rolls:

WEAPON SEARCH: 1 = FIREARMS, Subdivide for type, pistols and scatters only 2-4 = SHARP,

5 = BLUNT,

 6 = RANGED, no Crossbows/Archers Bow.

ITEM SEARCH: 1-2 = Supplies, when applicable. This is probably CVS's Walgreens,


For a room check, use a d20.  1-4 Z-Encounter, 6-9 survivor, 10-15 nothing, 16-20 supplies. If you roll 16-20, roll a d6. You gain supplies equal to the number on the d6. For a zombie encounter, roll a d6 for number of Z's


L. Green = Near None                                   Civilian Known Only

Green = Slight                                                  Civilian Known Only, possible Police help.

D. Green = LOW                                              Slight Media Coverup,                 

L.Yellow = Less than medium                     More Media, Local Police Intervention

Yellow = MEDIUM                                         Full Media, Government Denying

D. Yellow = Less than HIGH                         Supressed Media By Government

L. Orange = slightly less than HIGH         National Crisis

Orange = HIGH                                              Class 4 Outbreak, Zero Government, nearly full world infected.

Black = Finished game                                             The world is destroyed and there are zero humans left on earth. Zombies are the dominant species now. They will walk the earth, scrounging, trying to fill the hole that can never be filled. Good job, how could you let this happen?


Z's or Zach Types


These zombies are put where applicable. Normal Zachs, and Fat Zachs are found everywhere.


If you miss while attacking a Z, subdivide if they hit you. If you are hit by a Z, you become one in 1 day. You take 3 supplies for that day, if applicable. 1-4 Z bites you, 5 they Scratch you, 6 is miss.


Normal Zach’s = 1 hits to kill apply infection normally.(Found in AWARENESS level: Near none)

Fat Zach’s = 2 hits to kill, lower bite rolls to 1 bitten, 2-6 safe.(Found in AWARENESS level: near none)

Mil Zach’s = 4 hits with FIREARMS and RANGED, 3 hits melee. (Found in AWARENESS level: Less than medium)

Martyrdom Zach’s = 2 hits to kill, only found in churches, monasteries, temples, etc. (You may pickup pistols and knives only from these. Subdivide, 1-4 none, 5 pistol, 6 knife)

Quislings = 2 hits kill, if bitten, do NOT roll for infection! If you are hit by a Quisling, you use 2 supplies for 1 week.

PD(Police)Zombies = 4 hits kill, You may pick up Pistols and Scatterguns from them Subdivide, 1-3 pistol, 4 none, 5-6 scattergun. 



6 years ago

cool games. thanks so much

this sounds a lot like day z

I've thought about this kind of thing, and I've decided that there should be a term for games that resemble RPGs but without the role-playing. The term I have come up with is Thematic Strategy Game, or TSG. TSGs are games that employ strategy (which class to pick, combat actions) and have a story to back them up, but they are driven by mechanics rather than the story. The main difference is choice. TSG may allow you to move through the story linearly or matrically, but the responses you get are predetermined. An RPG is only confined by the GM's imagination. -Y

Since this old topic has already been bumped...

Have you looked at Deadlands?  It has some zombie-ish aspects to it, although it's more just eldritch wild-west.

This seems like an awesome game. While I agree you have to focus more on the actual role-playing for it to be a role-playing game, your basic rule-set seems like a good foundation. I wish you the best of luck.

This guy makes a bunch of solo-adventure games and posts them on his site for free download. His games represent what everyone else was trying to point out; That too much focus on rules against role-play leads to a boring game.


This is the first one he made, and while a good effort, I wouldn't think to call it a game, let alone an RPG. You basically just keep rolling and watch how the "game" plays out without you.


From what I can get from this it sounds not so much a RPG as a number crunching exercise with flavor.  RPG stands for ROLE Playing Game, where's the Role Play?  I'm not trying to be mean just trying to point out that in these types of games you have character development and player interaction within whatever setting the game takes place.  It's a good idea but you should work more on the player interaction/ character development than just the mechanics.  The mechanics can be adjusted once you have the basics down.  As you have here sounds more of a board game or card game.  Either type would be cool but I think your mixing them together trying for one thing and not getting the result your aiming for.
From an old D&D player, you got some good ideas.  You just need to flesh out things a bit better.  Good luck.

Thanks for the feedback!

I too was concered by the lack of a role play part in this game. Do you have any tips on how to improve that element?

Classes, where you can be soldier, PD, doctor, farmer, etc. Farmer makes supplies, PD has exclusive access to pistols, soldier gets a pistol too, but also a shotgun, but takes 2x as much supplies. Doctor takes 2 times as less supplies and uses them more efficiently for group. Look at this example game, BTW good online one


Deadfrontier is a fun game but it is not a RPG.  I think you missed the point I was makeing.  He has lots of ideas of what he wants the game to be, but he dosen't have the Role Play part worked out, thats what he needs worked on.

Well like I said you need to work on character creation.  To start make  the stats for a normal average person (abilitys, skills, ect.) and that is your base starting point.  Then from that you base everything else.  Example your normal person can punch for 3 damage.  With some skill or stat enhancements he could punch for 5. 
Basicly start small with the basics and add as you go.  The site Kiteman linked to has some VERY good systems already that you could look at and tweek for your own use.  GURPS as a free system is/was a good balanced system, but that is from memory over 25 years ago.

Once you have the basic character classes and stuff down the actual roleplay will come together as you tweek and play.  Half the fun is in experimenting and finding what works.  Useing your imagnation is probably the best advice anyone can give.

Writing your own rules is harder than it looks.  It's too easy to get bogged down in detailed statistics.  I know, I've been there.

The play is much more important than the rule.  A good, imaginative GM is more important than rules any day of the week.

having said that, rules help decide arguments.

Have a look at this list.  There are a lot of free games, including Brikwars, GURPSLite, FUDGE , SLUG and PDQ.

There's another game, called S.I.M.P.L.E. , but I haven't found it online yet - I saw it as a single page of a magazine, once.

Thanks for the tip, but how can you teach imaginative GM'ing? (Bad grammar, I know :P)

Especially for a game that is meant to simulate a post-apocalyptic world, how do decide how much damage you do when you have to destroy the brain to kill it?

There are a couple of things I realize I can change now, I suppose an edit is neccessary...


Not really - it takes practise, confidence, and a good knowledge of your system & scenario.

I used to love running Paranoia sessions on the fly - most characters would end up on their second or third clone before they even got to their briefing.

''Paranoia'' ?

That sounds familiar...

That almost seems like it was created by Isaac Asimov, a game retelling of the Foundation series!

Where can I buy a copy? Ebay?

If you can find a game store, some still stock it.

It's on Amazon at over $65, but I've just found one on UK ebay for a tenner, and one for a similar price on US ebay.