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Zombie Traps Answered

In the spirit of Halloween and to kick of Season 4 of The Walking Dead, I came up with this idea for a zombie-proof house as a sort of design exercise. It also has the benefit of sustainable zombie disposal. See some Pros and Cons on my blog. Tell me what you think of my idea.
Do you have any ideas for a fortress or zombie trap? Post them here! 


Why not put your "house" on top of the bridge up stream and remove the part you drive on. Zombies cant climb so your house is on steel gerders and should be plenty strong.


4 years ago

A blimp... with a boat hull in case i had to land.
I've always liked zepplins though.

I think a big problem will be the fact that a house weighs about 300,000 pounds. Those cables won't be level and straight- they'll be sagging downwards in a catenary shape. They won't be small cables either- to hold up the weight of a house plus power generation plus people, they'll be huge, and need to be under immense tension.

Additionally, if one of those anchors slips even a bit, the house is going to tip, which will stress the anchor more, and probably lead to a catastrophic failure.

Finally,How exactly do you get in and out of the house?

Why not just live on an island in that fast river?

Obviously it wouldn't be a regular house with a concrete foundation and three levels. I think the most practical thing would be to use a steel shipping container, which would weigh around 10,000 lbs when populated. At 320 sq. ft you might want two side by side.

The anchors would be substantial concrete structures, mostly buried.

Entry is provided via a winch, giving access to a boat anchored directly below.

The island idea could be viable if a fast enough river could be found.

Whoa! I had the same idea, except mine is a Boat...

Haha you have a video for everything. Actually my idea works on the assumption that the zombies have no manners. The ones in the back want to get closer to the house, so they push on the zombies in front. Even if the zombies are smart enough to not walk off the cliff, they will get pushed off by the zombies behind them.

my only concern is that the cable will start to flex and twist and well, most buildings dont.
Its a good idea and you should keep up with i

Yeah it would need to have steel construction (something like a sea can would work) or put some sort of dampening device on it.