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Zombies are attacking Answered

So the living dead are about to break through your door... you have no weapons (guns swords etc) only what you would find around the average english house... when all of a sudden... Deathclaw packs destroy all of the reanimated and come after you... what do you do?


Run to the kitchen....grab a big knife....then yell "Banzaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii" --and go Kamikaze on them all!! LOL!

then, i go i told u so
after that i get supplies:
find safe room- likely in basement
food, water, and all other stuff u need to not die and stuffz
tough car
allied human people

weapons of MASS ZOMBIE DESTRUCTION (thats my favorite kind!! /\ _ /\ )
metal baseball bat for squooshing their stupid little zombie faces off :D
Chuck Norris (rather obvious, no?)
heavy lamp
crowbar/tire iron
kitchen knife
lamp / folding chair
guitar (as a last resort type thing... also it would help if it was the electric kind)
a squad of teenage mutant ninja turtles (:
also, i have a rare condition called laser face, in which i can shoot lasers out of my eyes... just sayin'

aaaaannnndddd finally,
i go out and kill all those zombies till' they dead !! :D

well it would seem i had a good run while it lasted, but i think its time to cut my losses and call game over :(

Play Justin Bieber music. BRAINS BRAINS. Baby baby baby oh. BRAI... AHHHHHHHHH!!

Don't have weapons, have laser eyes.

any questions? /\ _ /\

There are no zombies about to break through my........aaaaaargh! ..............Brains......BRAINS......

kill him with my face but ripping his throat out with my teeth then have a nice glass of milk


I'd be wishing I were in the typical Hillbilly house. Then I could shoot him, stab him, chainsaw him, blow him up, burn him down, and park my bus on him!

hmm, now your wrong but not by too much... your in a typical brittish house, so no guns chainsaws etc

I lived in england and my room was covered in weapons guns swords knives bows arrows crossbow bolts crowbar chair grenades me brass knuckles me grenades, flamethrower and a nial gun

Well, I guess I'd just have to invite him in for tea and crumpets. Or possibly a curry so hot, he explodes upon eating it. I'd keep the pint of Guiness for myself, as a post conflagration celebration.

hope you have plenty o brahmin for those crumpets


7 years ago

i would grab my dads M1 garand and then start shooting and go to academy

I'd grab the AK47 in my kitchien and then use the molotov in my fridge.


Simple, activate V.A.T.S. and use my action points (which I luckily boosted to max through some well chosen perks) and climb out the window while the dumb deathclaw is waiting t'ill I end my turn :D (I love fallout and zombies ^^)

the dart gun would be far more effective. i never leave home without one. woop less than 2 months till new vegas

i would grab me machete and o tanto, then i would run like hell.

i'd jump down his throat and retrieve my lazer blaster. then i'd blast my way out.

curl up in a ball and die lol!! x_X

I Think you would set the prince in your hand free and there would be a giant deathclaw katamari in no time

hmm, wait... then who would save us from the prince? oh my... it seems by solving one problem you have created a larger one XD

well i think ultimately the king of the cosmos would have to ring in his kid since he's pretty gigantic and he calls all the shots lol. But i do remember rolling him up the the katamari before so i don't know...

hmm, think it would be a good idea to curl up in a ball now? then most likely get rolled up in a ball haha

kick him in the balls and run away screaming like a madman(but I already am a madman so it works out)

Grab the windex, splash it in it's eye's and run.

Grab my knex supply and build the DD-27. Then I shoot the crap out of all the monsters.

Wake up and have a glass of water?

Then you roll over and think... Wait a minute, you're not my wife!

So you hum to yourself;

And you may ask yourself
Where is that large automobile?
And you may tell yourself
This is not my beautiful house!
And you may tell yourself
This is not my beautiful wife!

...as you slowly reach for the shotgun.

Letting the days go by, Let the water hold me down.

Quickly lose my virginity, and willingly give myself up! XD

I almost always have a knife on me. I'd survive

have you seen the claws? they cut through steel like a hott knife through butter

im sure you wouldnt be killed... well not right away

Yeah, I wouldn't even resist. I'd do like Will Smith and take out as many as I can before I die.

Bite him - it's the last thing he'd expect. L

Tell how handsome he is ...it'll give him a shock. :-)