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Zune 3.0 Answered

How is everybody enjoying the new software for the zune, 3.0? Also did anyone buy the 16gb or 120gb zune?


I got mine quite awhile back.. Pretty sure WalMart was beginning to close-out on them because of the sucky support Micro$oft had, but once it began taking off with the bigger 80GB, the device seemed to make a small comeback. (though, Best-Buy seemed to dump it in favor of the Iphone/Ipod/Ipad. Cables are still available via eBay, but not much elsewhere.. Last I saw, before (Crikey, forgotten their name.. was a high-end camera shop from out of NYC.. chain stores closed quite a few years ago.) closed, they had one last one in the display case, but were still asking a bit too much for final sale ($90, at the time I bought mine, it was $120.).. Learned the hard shut-down (holding the left "Back" key, and pressing the joy-disc down, until it powered down. This was great for minor resets.) Replaced the battery a few years back. Wish I knew if you could force the 30GB to swallow a 120GB micro drive.


9 years ago

What's a zune?

No, stay along the straight and narrow, Ipods are waaaay better than Zunes..

Why are they better? give me 5 reasons ; )

Better interface. Better button control. Smaller. Better color selection. Trusted product/manufacturer.

1. Not really. If you've ever tried using a zune, the interface is very clever. 2. No. The zune has a click wheel and a scroll wheel that you can turn off. Can't beat that. 3. Not anymore. 4. Nope, the zune has a bunch of colors along with zune originals which is over 100. 5. What the he**???????? You mean that microsoft isn't trusted?

I trust Apple way more. :D

ok but does that mean that people dont trust microsoft?

I just trust Apple more than Microsoft.

the only thing I can trust apple to do is to put a obsolete product out.... overprice it...rip everyone off to only put out a marginally better product out in a few months...just to start the whole process all over again

but that does not prove that people don't trust microsoft =P

1. better interface =P
2. better button control =( i've had both ipod and zune, and the zune pad is much more simple and easy to use then the click wheel. i'll have to admid though that the click wheel is pretty fancy.
3.NOT ANYMORE HA! btw zune has a huge screen so you dont kill your eyes trying to watch a video 4.better color selection. Zune has better color selection then all of the ipods besides the nano charomadic.
5. Trusted product/manufacturer. ok that one just made me say " what the beep" who does not have a computer these days? WINDOWS MICROSOFT almost every comp has windows xp dowadays and i think that people truct microsoft. alot.

(i said "=P" b-cause i did not know what it was)

besides nobody likes it when people are talkin and stuff then all of these macentosh fanboys come along and say all of that stuff like (ZUNES CAN GO TO HELL HAHAHAHA IPOD 4EVER!)

You did NOT just say that. You did NOT just say that. *Rocks back and forth in chair* He didn't just say that...he didn't just say that...he didn't just say that...

Actually, i think they're kinda cool, except I having ogg, or flac file support would be very nice, and not being Microsoft*. =]

*a rather silly point.

But far too popular. ;-)


9 years ago

zune's ROCK. People are afraid of zunes because they think" OMG another microsuck (microsoft) product. But they really are great products. Ill never give mine up. And mines a 30gb, and Iv NEVER had a problem out of it. And some one mentiond the size. I hate to tell you, but from what seen on the net, the thickness is the same, and its like a 4th to half and inch londer. Big whoop, its going to stay in my pocket any way.

I have the 120gb zune... soooo sexxxy!

my mp3 / mp4 players are only 1 and 2 G (and the mp4 kills them fast cause it has builtin cam)

well, I have no complaints about the zune..... i love it. Awesome product

cheap untitled player + 2 ' ' screen + 1.3mpix cam you really need anything more ?

the new nanos kinda look like zunes

not really, the nano looks like a flattened banana.

LOL they do look... ALOT like the old zunes

I don't like it much. Not enough game support. Anyone know how to uninstall, at least for now?

there wasn't games for 2.0 at all. at least you get 2 games!

I was just about to try it. Then I noticed the stupid 3.0 update messes it up.

It's updating now-so we'll see...

nah ima wait for the zune touch :D