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a 12/6vdc gen. motor with the outer casing that rotates and the center armature as a fixed part to a frame? Answered

I want to use a 12/6vdc motor that will generate its own renewable power to be stored in batteries.  I want to use a small motor where the outer casing will rotate and the armature will act as a fixed support to a frame. However a small outside diameter is an issue, so it should not exceed 2inches. Is this possible????? I could go another way with gears but I am trying to develop a unique  propulsion method



You can't drive a motor from a battery and use that same motor to recharge the battery? or do I not understand your aim/

You appear to be talking about a brushless outrunner type motor - Look at a few RC hobby sites to see what is available.

Actually that was my hope to see if such a thing exists....I guess I was dreaming to find such a concept

Ceiling fan?


4 years ago

Inside out electric machines are old hat !

Long skinny machines are used where a low inertia ( easy Acceleration / Deceleration ) is
a desirable trait like a sawmill set-works compared to a high torque large diameter
automotive machine.

Although the successful Tesla electric car uses a small diameter Non-PM Induction motor
for efficiency and out performs a comparable BMW...

Thank you for the information, I was able to look on the internet to see what was available in that style of motor, now I need to reengineer my idea

thanks again

BTW batteries are not efficient !
For example a lead acid car battery will only return half of the
energy used to charge it...

My concept is to have a dc motor where the armature is fixed so I can attach to the stator and use it for a wheel axle plus the movement will create dc voltage which will charge a battery pack

How tiny do you want to go.

Take a CD drive apart and check out the motor that spins the CD. With a little rewiring that will do what you want.