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a Fast Technique for cutting A4 [or any shape~notebook paper] into square(s)? ~Mostly for quick Origami papers and such. Answered

I like to make origami and try out new things, but sometimes I'd find something very interesting to make but it needs many pieces of Square paper, and i don't have any origami paper [readily-cut squares], so i end up having to cut out my own squares from notebook  papers or A4 sheets...
and its reeeally annoying and time-wasting >:\ so i end up not being able to make some projects :(

So far on instructables, i've seen Many Amazing and ingenious ideas and the Smart people who created them :)
Based on the Mass of Creativity packed into this site,
im sure someone will be able to solve my [laziness] problem! ;P

{Whether it's a "Technique" or a "Devise" that i'd have to make, or any other way,
I am Grateful and will be happy by ANY MEANS NECESSARY!}

-Thank You ;P


Buy a heavy duty paper cutter. I like the kind with a rolling blade. You can set the guide at any size you want so you get lots of paper all the same size. You can cut many sheets at once. They're about 20- 30 $ at Staples or such.

If you use the same size sheets all the time, go to an old fashioned print shop.  One where they  still use ink and presses to print.  Not a huge one but one where they print letter size stuff and business cards and such.  Take a sample of what you do to show them.  Ask them very nicely if they would cut your paper free if you bought it from them.  Paper's cheap and if you ask nicely it's hard to say no.  They probably have a machine that will cut a two inch stack of paper at the same time.

Or you could just cut your own on an old piece of plywood using a metal ruler as a guide and a sharp utility knife, but one day that knife is going to slip and the stitches to close your hand are going to cost more that all the paper you'll ever fold.

Post some pictures and show us your work.

I know. Now I use a piece of angle as a straight edge when cutting, as the upright section serve s as a finger guard.

BTW, how come we seem to be on line quite often at the same time when we are on opposite sides of the world? Do you sleep?

I sleep in 30 min. intervals and check in here between sleep periods.  Supposedly Einstein only slept an hour or so at a time and look how smart he was.

Well, really I am usually close to a computer for about 15-16 hours a day and check in here often.  I work using a computer and keep one running when I am home also.

The angle iron is a great safety tool for manual cutting of paper.  I've seen some terrible hand cuts made by RC modelers using a steel ruler to cut balsa wood with an exacto knife.

I took a ream or two to the local printshop, and they chopped them in a professional guillotine in about 20 seconds.