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a fold of skin next to rabbits vagina collecting yellowish stuff? Answered

two of my rabbits have it i dont know if the other to have it because they wont stay still long enough. it doesnt seem like a cut but its mor like a fold of skin but you cant un fold it. its right next to their vagina and it collects yellow moist stuff. should i just leeve it alone of clean it out? it hurts them when i do stuff to it and i know that because after i try to get the yellow stuff out they chatter their teeth. please help



Best Answer 5 years ago

Animals have taken care of themselves for millions of years without human intervention. Animals don't require the same cleanliness that humans do. I will advice you to not be concern of their genital areas. Simply observe any changes in their behavior like not eating, change in bowel habits, lethargy, signs of stress or obvious signs on their skin. They don't seem to like you inspecting them so I advice not to touch them like that if they seem to be fine otherwise.

Those are the rabbits' scent glands. Depending on the breed, most don't need anything done with them, nor are they usually a problem. However, based on what you've described, and to be on the safe side, I would recommend you take them to a vet to ensure there is no underlying infection. Furthermore, the vet can advise you on cleaning the glands properly and on further grooming.

+1. Animals often don't like it when you do "stuff" to that area of their body. But if it seems to be painful or they clean it often then it might be infected or impacted and a vet should be consulted.