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a good watch cleaner for general dirt, grime, grease ? Answered


For the outside - if the watch is water proof or water resistant just soapy water - if not the a damp tissue, you may be able to remove the strap to clean separately - Cotton buds help here

For the mechanism if clockwork DONT get it done professionally.

Yep, professional help for the innards. We're all geeks to one degree or another, but imo/ime only uber geeks should be fiddling with the insides of the watch. They know their stuff, they have the tools, and they have the experience and knowledge...and they're worth every penny spent, especially for wind-ups. If you have a decent watch, it's worth the $20-$50 to have it serviced rather than end up with a expensive piece of junk that was formerly a watch.

Rick dropped a comma or two there. "For the mechanism, if clockwork: DON'T. Get it done professionally."

(Yeah, I know, this is probably obvious... but I did a doubletake the first time I read it, so Just In Case...)