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a model rocket using a 4 ft flourescent light bulb and a D size rocket engine Answered

I'm planning on using a 4 ft flourescent light bulb for a model rocket body.  Has anyone ever tried this?  I'm hoping the tube will explode when the engine pops to eject the nonexisting nosecone.  Any tips,ideas,theories?


Try it and find out, just stand back (more than 30 meters).

I concur with Kiteman....the engine will take off, mashing and breaking up the tube on it's way upward, taking "some of the shards" with it, but just shattering most of it all around the launch pad.

This is a REALLY bad idea.

Right. The bulb doesn't have the structural integrity to survive the launch. You'll have the Kiteman cloud, but it will be infused with several nasty chemicals that don't belong anywhere except inside the lightbulb. Please do some less dangerous (and stupid) project, like experimenting with human-powered flight and tall cliffs. Sorry to crush your dreams.

Indeed, one of them being a mercury compound one doesn't want to touch (much less breath in).

youll end up with a 4 foot piece of sharp glass flying through the air at like 100 mph

If your goal is to kill yourself, you really don't need our assistance.

Some florescent light tubes come packed in a clear plastic tube about 1/8 to 1/4 inches in diameter larger than the tubes are and about 8 feet long.  (Quite a rocket already.)
Get two tubes. Cut one into six parts of equal length. (If the tubes are 96" long, that means 16" long.) These short tubes are the fins. Cement the short tubes around the tail end of the long tube, six short around one long. If you have a good book on model rocketry it will have details on how to mount engines and a nose cone. 


8 years ago

That's a really bad idea.

The best you can hope for is an explosively-expanding cloud of flying splinters shredding all flesh in its path.

Not a clever plan.