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a mushroom growing on the cap of another mushroom, why? Answered

this autumn I found this  boletus that had another small boletus growing on his cap, it looked too weird, but really cool.
I was wondering if was a kind of mutation or just one growing on top of the other  'cause I never see something like that before.


I recently talk with a mycologist and she told me is not possible that is a spore fallen on the cup, because mushrooms are just fruit bodies and most of the mushroom is mycellium growing out into the environmental substrate (soil, wood, whatever), so where will be the actual mushroom?
So it should be a mutation.

Because there was a source of nutrient there. Things tend to grow where they can.


5 years ago

How about a picture please ?

I don't have one, I were really upset that I didn't take one


5 years ago

There are many parasitic varieties of mushrooms that will happily live on any host that supplies the nutrients needed to germinate and grow, even on members of its own species.
The spore is non-discriminating and if it settles on a host mushroom, it will grow.

thanks, I tough was a mutation or something like that...