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a question about burning questions Answered

So for burning questions do we have to stick to whats on the list? or can we do whats in this board. and maybe even something that cant be found on instructables? Cause ive seen the list keep changing (once a entry is posted on that subject) and im just wondering what are the limitations to entrys. - thanx Dj


Dude, you had a burning question about the burning questions.

Yea, I did not even realize there was a list. Where's the list?

I believe you're supposed to stick to what's on the list.

. I received this from Eric in response to "What makes a question 'burning'? "We're being pretty loose on that forum category for the time being to see how it turns out. So, pretty much any "I have a question/can anyone help me" can go in there."

But that's in reference to the forum. I don't think you'll get a prize for answering something like that.