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a special origami thing for school task? Answered

I have this task at school about origami...next friday, I have to play 'teacher', and teach my fellow students some origami. the problem is, I do not know what to teach them. it has to be something difficult, but quick ( 7-15 minutes) does anyone on the site have an Idea?


You won't get much simpler than this.

But you teach it to your classmates, and watch it go viral round the school...

If my school get's overrun by "Kiteman origami birds", I will let you know.

yes, I will. in combination with something else, perhaps, but your bird first.

The fact that you're _teaching_ them makes it more difficult. Some years ago I learned a nice lidded-box fold, but while I can do it in that time I don't think I could teach it in that time. BTW, I learned it from a book. May I suggest you hit your local library, look through origami books, and pick out something there which looks appropriate?

this is easy and cool