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a very hot 9V Answered

alrighty, sorry for the noob question, but i am very very new to this, i'm tryin hook 3 10mm LEDs to run off a 9v battery, i hooked it via the LEDcalc with correct resistors, it works just fine, but when i try to add a on/off switch into the mix the 9V gets very very hot. could it be ... the switch i am using... the 24 gauge wire to connect it all.... how i have connected the on/off switch into the mix , instead of connecting it straight to a battery i have added extra wires and put the switch in between the battery and the start/end of the LED chain... should i bump it down 6v instead with the correct resistors instead of the 9v also if you could explain why the 9v was heating up so much that would be great too....


thanks a lot to everybody, it works perfectly, i'll post post a picture once the project is all done

I think you hooked up the switch wrong. You probably shot it when it turns off

shot it as... the switch it broken now since i hooked it up wrong, and i should just get a new switch

sorry, fat fingered that. What I meant it is is probably shorting it. I'll draw it for you

| |
|---------9volt battery---------------------------------------|

_LED-LED-LED-RESISTOR---SWITCH--||                               ||---------9volt battery---------|

Was that what you meant?

No prob. Monospaced text is a diagram-saver.

RAD THANKS ALOT TO EVERYBODY!! i'll give it a shot and let you know how it goes.