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a way to harden styrofoam? Answered

I have been working on a metal mechanical iris for a while now and have been looking for a few things, but one thing that has me scratching my head is having a base, or cam wheel. its just a circle with grooves in it. i decided to use plain styrofoam for this so it will be lightweight and easy to cut, but when i tried it the cam wheel easily crumbled with enough force applied. is there any way to harden styrofoam with a spray or something of that sort? it needs to be somewhat slidey, so it can move well, so nothing like a rubber spray.



Best Answer 6 years ago

3M makes a spray adhesive for styrofoam. If you simply sprayed the adhesive onto the styrofoam and allowed it to dry it should make it a lot harder. (Just don't use anything not formulated for use with styrofoam, as many chemicals will melt the styrofoam instead).


Answer 6 years ago

Years ago a weekly TV show called Monster House was the rage.
On this show they would often do apart of a room in crazy Styrofoam
cool constructs and take them somewhere another business would
make the material rock hard so that it the foam would work as wall and
seating space..

Is this that product or process ?



6 years ago

1. You can melt the styrofoam it wil go very hard but will shrink.

2. You could soak in the resin used to soak fiberglass - repair kits for cars are available.

3. you could use the styrofoam as a pattern to gut a camfrom plywood.