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about how much does sizing a metal link stainless steel watch at a jewlery store? Answered

I got this watch for christmas from amazon and I am wondering how much it costs to size it because it is way to big for my wrist.


I have a large collection of watches & it would cost me a fortune to have them all resized in jewellers shops.
I usually do my own as most of them are fairly straightforward requiring only some simple tools a little patience & care.
When a pointed tool is required such as with an Invicta I generally use a carpenter’s bradawl.

Be VERY careful.
Use a non slip surface; I generally use one of those non slip rubber mats for car shelves.
Keep the parts in a couple of small dishes while you work & keep the parts you remove in a safe place as you may need them someday.
If you have to take out more than one link it is generally best to remove them from both sides of the band, this prevents the clasp from ending up on the side of your arm rather than over the inside of your wrist.
I generally cover the watch face with a piece of cardboard taped into place to prevent it from getting accidentally scratched.
You may find the following link helpful.


If you do go to a jewellers try to ask around for recommendations.
I have found extremly varied service & pricing policies & to tell the truth I have also know at least one UK high street chain that charged it's customers for the watch to be "sent to our service center" just for the strap to be altered or the new battery fitted in a back room, I know this to be true as my sister worked there for a short while until she realized how much the customers were being ripped off & quit to go to a better shop.
I hope you can get it fitted well as it is a very smart looking watch.
Happy New Year.

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.  As Nostalgic Guy notes, they are pretty easy to adjust with simple hand tools.
.  If you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself, take it to the watch department of a discount store (eg, WalMart). They seem to be the cheapest. Jewelry stores seems to be the most expensive.
.  Many stores will adjust them for free if you bought the watch there.

I just got back from walmart they said the watch is not from their store so they cannot do it you better believe I was mad!

. Declined to do it for free or declined to do it at all? I can understand the former, not so much the latter.

oh they gave me some phony stuff that "if its not ours we cant replace it if we broke it." it makes sense but if theyre sizing a watch they should get a GOOD person to do it. so they wont "break it"

I got it sized a JcPenny for free

Bands like that are usually adjusted with a screwdriver in a couple of minutes. Its easily DIY.


Depends on the jeweler. Some will do it for free, others will charge you a minimum. Never hurts to ask, just give them a call.