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accident prevention Answered

i am selecting my final year project which is an eye blink detector and accident prevention in that i want to use IR moudule(transmitter and receiver) but i have doubt that can IR light penetrate through human eyes if is so it may harmful so is there another option instead of IR led light?



The eye-tracking systems that are used to check where people are looking are passive - a small camera recognises where the eyeball is pointing.

A webcam should be able to tell the difference between "open", "closed" and even "blinking" eyes with relatively simple image-recognition software.

So that you can tell if a person is asleep?


There are radiation exposure limits for all wavelengths, but I am pretty sure you'll find that little LEDs are not going to be a problem.

You should be fine on both accounts. The human eye can actually see a little IR light, or near IR light. If you filter most "visible" light on a very sunny day you will see some of the suns IR light. The question now is if there is a big enough difference in reflected light between the thin skin of an eyelid and the eye itself.

And +1 to keeping the power low, better safe than sorry.

Are you expecting the IR light to be absorbed by an open eye and reflect off an eyelid?

Your eyes encounter IR light all the time. I've never heard of IR light being harmful to your eye. But if you keep it low powered i don't think there will be any problems.