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acid that liquidphies matel Answered

frist you need hydrochloric acid ,{you can find this in bathtroom cleaner's}. then you will need ethylene and glycol. mix these things togather and you get acid {and not the type of acidthat makes you high, the one that melt's metal}.


You expect this guy to understand that, I belive that anyone that can't properly operate a keyboard (having only one arm is an exception), that they should not be paid attention to. That being said, this is childish and it's just some guy mixing things together he found in his parent's bathroom. Sure I did that smuts when I was younger, but it's dangerous, period.

everyone starts somewhere, sometimes people need to be guided. to zeogeo13: drano is sodium hydroxide (base, anti-acid) not sure of the other, but to give a hint, all the ingredients are on the lable-realy, check them, it's the small print and probably on the 'active ingredents' area for poison control. it might have hydrocloric acid in it to disolve calcium deposits. it might not. drano will disove aluminum but produce flamible gas (hydrogen), so you are kind of half right to show it. (original question did not show product, just graffiti-style pic of 'melting metal')

yes i do believe that u r right that it creats a toxic gas ,and it is a week acid but i am close on creating a stronger acid. it will be posted in under a mounth.

acid + base = water + salt

hydrocloric acid + sodium hydroxide (lye) = water + table salt (sodium cloride) (and heat...)

roguesci.org read, then ask questions. you have been warned because these people have the info you want, but you must be polite enough not to waste their time asking questions that they have answered.

do you even know what weak means when it comes to acids and alkali?

brain damaged thought experiment. at least go into the bathroom and find out which products contain acid because most drain cleaners use bases. (bases convert clogging fats into soaps)

I dont understand the point of this. You're using hydrochloric acid to make.... Acid. Firstly, i'd like to see you actually do this, as in, not something you've drawn on paper. Ethylene is highly reactive, and its a gas at room temperature... Glycol. hm! what the heck is glycol? it doesnt exist. I think what you're trying to say is simply get ethylene glycol, (ethane-1,2-diol), commonly used as an antifreeze in cars. The purpose of the ethylene glycol is what? its toxic and syrupy. I presume that you're trying to make the HCl into a green goopy paste like in the movies. For I don't see the point. If you've ever handled HCl, you'll know the basic reaction of an acid and a metal. So given all this. You're trying to make an acid. using an acid. well done. Also, just a final note. Spelling is important... Generally, that is. And acid doesnt liquify metal. It oxidises it.

Just FYI, the fumes from the resulting compound can be fatal if inhaled and may cause kidney and liver damage (the extent of which depends on time of exposure and type). What you have made is called Chloroethanol. And I'm not 100% sure if it's an acid or not.... It'll make you high... dumb, stupid and dead too ;)

Depending on what metal you're using... you're getting a different compound (all dependent on the composition of the metal itself). Really, the best rule of thumb is... if you don't understand the reaction -- don't mix chemicals because someone/thing told you to.

Here's the MSDS: