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add an external crystal to attiny85? Answered

how can i add a 16mhz crystal to attiny85? i dont know how and cant find it online


Datasheet, P29. Connect the crystal to pin 2 and pin 3. Connect 22pF caps from pin2 to ground, and pin 3 to ground. Set up up the clock selection fuses when you program the chip,.

I do it using the Arduino application, after having downloaded the attiny support for the Arduino application, select attiny85 (board and processor) and then select the external 16Mhz clock, burn the bootloader and you're done. Make sure you have all the necessary components to run the external crystal :)

Thanks for reply. Now I can run tiny at 16MHz.

i looked at the datasheet, i didnt understand any of it. i have never had proper training so i have a hard time reading schematics altho i think i know how to connect the circuit based on what you said. i just need to know how i would program it?

to set the fuses, you need another arduino. Have you got one?

In that case, look at the instructions for the internal fuses in the documentation.

If you screw up, you'll brick the Attiny, unless you have a parallel programmer.