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I've made a guide and I need to insert two images in the intro. When I create the guide I'm able to insert images, also more than one, but I don't see them in the preview. Maybe I can insert only one image which goes as the cover of the guide? Thanks!


Excellent! Yes, html is the work-around I use as well when creating guides for my challenges. Well done!

great, I've only had some problems in main image format. I've made it in portrait style but in the feed of Instructables it only showed the central portion, now I've changed it, I'll wait the feed refreshes...

Ha! Now you're ready to come work here. Here's a tip: the current format for the feed is 6x5. It used to be square, so a lot of old images look funky in the current layout. This too is subject to change, but for today, maybe that helps.

"This too is subject to change"?
I was contemplating the idea of fixing all my "funky" main images... Any idea what we may be changing to? (or are we going back to a square?) *sigh*

@canucksgirl I am in the same boat, with many of my title images having been cropped for the new layout. I was going to change them over, but thought better of it in case there are future changes. 

Moving forward, I think I am just going to focus on how the project looks from the Instructable page and not worry about the thumbnails as they appear when indexed (rectangular) or how they appear on my You page (square).

So, moving forward... will you be squaring your main images or using the current 6 x 5 format (just curious, as I have no idea what I intend to do).

Whichever looks best on the project page, it might be square or it might be a rectangle. In my last project I experimented seeing I could have a 6x5 formatted image but all the subject matter in a centered square. I'm not sure if that method is going to work out well all the time.

On a similar note, check the pictures on an Instructable with more than 3 pictures in any step. If there are 1-2 images on a step it will display them as wide as the frame allows (normal). Three or more pictures per step, it seems with an odd number of pictures the secondary images are cropped rectangular, while the steps with even pictures are cropped square.

Very good point Mike. I did notice that. (Something else to keep in mind). Thanks.

I think its a replacement for, "So anyways...."

In the UK, that's usually the phrase you use to re-start the conversation after somebody initiates an awkward pause by saying something weird or embarrassing.

lol... Like an episode of Friends after Phoebe says something? :-P

I say subject to change because though we've been here long enough to see a number of changes to the format and layout of the entire site (and should continue to expect this), Andrea here is new, so I didn't want to send him the message that 'here is something that is set in stone'. It's frustrating for a lot of us when these things change (see mike's comment below - we're in the same boat on a lot of squarely cropped main images with text), but the site is a living organism and will continue to change in numerous ways for numerous reasons. I couldn't tell you how long this new image format will stick around. I can only try to offer the knowledge that I have at the time. I'm going to try and format my main images to the 6x5 for now, and consider my history of funky cropped photos like marks on a wall measuring my growth throughout the years!

I get your point. Thanks for clarifying. (Although you an Mike are in more of an ocean liner compared to my little boat of a problem). :-|

Now that I know you're keyed into this kind of thing, I'll do my best to keep you updated!

Please do! I have no issues in conforming, as long as I know what I'm conforming to. :-)

Oh, good spot!

Possibly user feedback is being taken into account?

The main image for guides only appears in the feed of Instructables, not on the project itself. So as long as you can see the thumbnail you added in edit mode, you'll be good to go.

I solved adding them to the html (source code), do you think it's allowed? The two images are from my Instructable library. Thanks!

but how could I add main image? Adding it to the intro? My problem is that I need two other images compare in the intro..