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adding seasoning & dry rub/sauce & Marinade sections to food page Answered

I like the food page layout, but I would like to see extra sections for seasonings & dry rubs, as well one for sauces, marinades, & dips.    If you like this idea, add a comment, maybe we can get our awesome instructables crew to make this sight even cooler than it already is. Thanks for your time!



5 years ago

put a sock in it and create the category.. i am SOO new here and i enjoyed your banter. I am an american and i can hear your accents as you argue.. I think ( as if you care since this is my first post) that its a great idea. I love to cook and there are many marinades and rubs that are paired with certain meats and wines depending on the flavors you are looking for. (no i am NOT a californian LOL) I myself have a lot to offer in the marinade and rub section itself. why just last night i marinated a cornish game hen in a white wine lemon juice and honey marinade with fresh thyme from my herb garden and a splash of sriacha.. then i cooked it on the grill. it was VERY good. But i wanted it to be light and tangy.. not thick and BBQd.. so go ahead. make the category. it will get used. and if no one else has one.. then thats all the more reason that we should right? and by the way.. hello!

Homework for you: how many projects on seasonings have been posted? How many on dry rubs? Sauces? Marinades? Dips?

Compare those numbers to the contents of any of the other Food channels.

If they come close, then there is a case for adding new channels.

as for how many there are, i don't have the time to go hunting them all down, but I have seen a good amount in my searching so far. There is probably the same amount as the cake decorating section or the canning & Preserving section at least. I also would post (and still will be posting) many things in these categories if they were there, as I'm sure many others would too. it just seems like a valuable and untapped addition to me. As for other food channels, maybe the fact that they don't have these sections is a good reason to have one here. Just because no one else has done it, doesn't make it a bad idea. I mean, that's why we all come to this site in the first place, right? anyway, it was just an idea, we will see if people like it or not.

Well, if you can't be bothered to find the data to back up your request, why should the site's over-worked development team go to the effort of creating whole new sections of the site?

Gee, I didn't realize that all ideas brought up on this site would be scrutinized by the Instructalbe Nazis. I'm just trying to share an idea to help make the site better (in my opinion). If you like it, like it, If you don't, you don't. No need to try to shoot me down with your high and mighty attitude. maybe you should look them up sense you have enough free time to go around shooting down other peoples ideas.

I see some merit in your idea, however, I think that a lot of dry rubs, sauces and marinades would fall under BBQ & Grilling or Main Courses. (I understand not in all cases). As for dips, I have seen many of them under Snacks & Appetizers. I'm not sure if there is enough content to warrant a separate sub-category for this, but feedback isn't a bad thing. Without getting in middle of your "discussion", its important to remember the "be nice" policy. You may not have appreciated the reply you got, but it doesn't require name calling or the conjecture as a result.

Thanks you for you polite and non-abrasive comment canucksgirl. I will look into finding what i need in the the categories that you have mentioned. But, my convo with Kiteman started with him telling me what I should be doing personally. All I was doing was throwing out an idea. I said " what do you guys think?" he says "if you can't "bother" to do it yourself then why should we". I am a busy person, I DON'T have the time. That doesn't mean someone else doesn't. I just found him to be rather rude in the instance, and i don't care to be talked to that way. I Am all for helping make this site better in the ways that i can, but i am not capable of changing the site personally. It do say "positive feedback". Is telling me to go do it myself positive, especially from an intern or any other staff member. No offense to
Kiteman, I'm not trying to pick a fight. Maybe we just had a miscommunication. Just didn't like the vibe of it, that's all.

Hey, I could have patronising, and given you a verbal pat on the head, "nice idea, I agree", and moved on, leaving you with idea that it was going to happen, or I could treat you like a grown up, and help you realise the scale of the site, and the amount of effort required to make changes.

or you could have not bothered to comment at all, instead of turning my idea into an argument. But what ever, I guess i will keep my ideas to myself from now on sense i can see how this site treats people who want to simply put forth an idea. I'm done with this discussion, this is a waste of my time . I'm going back to the instructables and I'll leave the ever so serious forum page to the "professionals".
enjoy being a big shot there guy!

FYI, I am not "this site", and all I did was add a little reality to things.

You turned it into an argument and you threw around personal insults and ad hominem attacks in direct contravention of the site's Terms of Service.

Feel free to enjoy your last word, if it makes you feel better, but I'm done with you.

well crap, if I may call you that... All I can say is "Welcome to Instructables" Of all these years I haven't figured out if it is his Brit nuance of humour or all things said must be cited with absolute scientific proof. I would chalk this one up to his jet lag since arriving to be an internable at ibles.

Call it a changing perspective - I'm starting to grok how much work goes into improving the site, and how closely they consider the potential effects of changes before they are made.

They certainly take our feedback into much more serious consideration than we have accused them of in the past, and than it appears when viewed from within these forums.

(I am also enjoying dropping British verbal colloquialisms into conversations - they generate tiny pauses in which you can practically hear mental gears crashing.)

I don't know, Maybe this idea is a little before it's thyme.

Or maybe it's all fenugreek to Kiteman.

Even though he appears to be a sage person.

Well, I'm new here, so I'm only parsley used to his way of interacting.

It may be grating but everyone goes through the grind. It spices things up around here.

Well, as long as no one is a salted... we can all have anise time, right?

It all started because someone got rubbed the wrong way.

Nuts, i tried to create a link with marinades but it waffled and all i created was i pickle.

I do appreciate that he mustard the courage to cumin the forums and discuss his ideas.

Things do get heated if you pepper the comments with a heavy hand. Rack it up to experience.

Well, assuming for a moment that it's a good idea in the first place... then maybe they should do it because it's a good idea?

A good idea is still a good idea, no matter whether or not it's well presented.