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adjustable light switch? Answered

​i really have no idea what im doing but you might be able to help.

Im working on a model train layout. the Model train transformers or really any three prong electrical device would plug into this. what i want is for a kid to press a button the train goes for 2 min then stops. the child does this 4 more times. after the train stops  for the 5th time it activates a cool down clock for 10 min. it would have to work with electricity from an out lit. Any ideas?

other details would be a visable countdown clock.  it would be helpful if the run times and the delay times could be manual adjusted.



4 years ago

A microprocessor will easily do this but you need to be able to program it.

OR a digital logic design using four 555 IC timers...

Arduino paired with a relay board and your all set. Throw in an LCD and you have everything you want. All timing is controlled by variable you'll set in your code. Check the Arduino forums for similar projects that use a timer to trigger things.


Of course, it's important remember that they relays required may be AC or DC, so that's something to consider when selecting components, but yes, no doubt a cheap little arduino could o this very easily with the right additonal components.

Not impossible but not all that easy.

Perhaps a standard electrical timer that plugs into the wall would be the best easy solution for you - You can get them with multi programmable times.