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"adult" instructables section please! Answered

so, this is a topic that i thought about several times and that came up again recently when reading the comments on this instructable. i was wandering if it would be at all possible to have a (maybe somewhat separate) section on instructables for adult themed instructables, like, let's say "cast your own dildo from silicone" or similar. because right now, if you post something remotely sex related, there will be a big angry comment mob telling you how this site is sooo family friendly and how dare they and whatnot.
personally i can't understand that, living in a country where no one is scared of a boob on live tv, people go skinny dipping and you can buy teen magazines whose content, according to some american friends, would be considered child pornografy in the us.
i mean, so many other instructables aren't for all members of the family either, starting with the ones about alcohol, or projects to dangerous for kids to attempt or simply stuff that is far to complicated for kids to do.
i'm sure that with all the great imaginative and creative folks here on instructables, there are a lot of people who would have amazing ideas for "sexy" instructables that a lot of us would benefit from (after all, sex is a great and wonderfull thing and nothing to be ashamed of...).
and after reading the comments on this feedback post it seems that in general this site is supposed to be anti-censorship.
i just wanted to hear your opinion on this topic....


Couldn't we just add a NSFW tag like it's popular on other sites? I could just go along with the normal tags, but wouln't be displayed by default. Those pages shouldn't show up on google or anywhere else as well.

If you want to see such contend you'd have to be logged in, at least 18 in the settings and a NSFW enable box ticked in settings (appears only if you're at least 18 of course). Sure, this can be faked, but it's at least not obvious that this feature exists to most underage users. "Yes, I'm 18 and continue" isn't the biggest lie on the internet for no reason.

Hmm, maybe.

I doubt the effort of coding that is worth the return on views, new members etc.

I have a two-part answer.

Firstly, I'm having to type this on my phone - the filters where I work blocked the topic, and I can expect an email from the tech people soon, asking me why I was trying to access adult material on my break.

Secondly, having an explicitly adult section would encourage the posting of outright porn. I don't have an issue with "mature" projects, like the recent programmable dildo, because I believe that anybody old enough to be left online without supervision is mature enough to deal with such projects as they would, say, seeing an advert for lingerie; if you're interested, stay and look, if not, turn the page. It's a family site, and families contain grownups, with grownup interests.

However, I would apply the condition that the primary motive of the project is the art, craft or skill of the build, not titillation or juvenile humour. The dildo project just made the dildo, it was neither seen nor described in use. The project could only hold sexual connotations if you were already aware of what dildos are. If however, they had started from the point of "look, I made a rubber willy, now watch this..." I would have happily flagged it for removal.

TO:DR - keeping adult projects in the general sections keeps adult makers mature.

would you really think people would post porn? i have the feeling that the vast majority of iblers wouldn't do that, and one could maybe avoid that by monitoring the entries....

i just have the feeling that how it is right now, it's difficult to find the more mature projects, since the don't have titles like "cast your own dildo" but rather "cast your own silicone toy" and then there are all these people posting negative comments telling you how harmful for children your silicone toy is...

If we have a specific "adult" section, then, yes, I think people would post things purely for erotic reasons, rather than for the Make.

Having been consulted on life safety harnesses and lines by some rather "free spirited" friends due to my rope rescue training and extensive knowledge of knots.

I can say that most people would not post pornography, but then you get the typical Troll going for LULZ and all hell breaks loose.

If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will find a link, "for teachers" as Instructables has always wanted to be able to be accessed by school students. A sure way to get it blocked by schools is to have content that would cause complaints by parents or busybody. So I was a bit disappointed that this was featured https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-decarboxylate-cannabis/

There are plenty of places on the internet to put adult content, please keep instructables kid friendly, as once some one in power decides its "not appropriate for schools" it will get blocked.

so you complain about cannbis but alcohol (the main feature of many an instructable) is ok? it's being legalized in many places as we speak and surely not more harmful than alcohol, a drug that is widely accepted in many places but kilss coutless people every year.... just saying

I agree, I have no problem with with the instructables content, but many people would. My problem is I use this site with students, and it would only take one complaint from a parent to have the entire site blocked. we already have a number of sites blocked youtube, flicker, and vimeo to name a few, once blocked the powers that be will not unblock the site.

Sad but we live in Victoria "the nanny state"