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air vent filling up when run water in kitchen sink. then it leaks out of vent Answered

think some thing is blocking line and there is a crack or break in ait vent other wise would back up to top of roof and flow out on to roof.




4 years ago

If you live in a cold climate and it has been snowing or freezing rain the plumbing roof vents can get frozen up. First moisture comming up the pipe forms a frost ring around the upper part of the pipe. Then any moisture comming down from the sky freezes to it and will form an ice plug. It can be a dangerous situtation as the sewer gasses can back up behind the clog. If it is frozen there are a number of things you can do. The easiest is to just wait for it to get above freezing. The others might be dangerous as it involves getting a ladder and going on the roof which can be very slipery if it is covered in ice and snow.

If you can go on the roof you can take a straight piece of anything like rebar or a long drill bit and use a hammer to punch through the ice plug. You can try pouring antifreeze in it and let it sit for a while. The one thing NOT to do is to try and use any kind of torch on it to heat it up. PVC will melt and the sewer gas can be explosive, so don't try doing that. You can paint the pipe black so the sun will heat it up and melt the ice in it. It just depends on tou climate.

That has happen to me I used boiling hot water down the vent to melt the frost plug funny how the water going down the drain creates a vacuum in the vent.

The water would overflow all overthe floor before it backs up and comes out the roof air vent.

Snake it.

Get a plummers snake and snake the vent and the sink drain from the roof all the way to the septic tank or the sewer line.