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airplane without fuel from petroleum Answered

This is airplane without fuel from petroleum . It is operated by new material,optical technology, complex energy. major energy are using solar energy and motors are 7 type. not only the mekanism is extremly different but also it is free -gravity. It is doing investigation and required more experiment.


That airfish looks really cool - I've never seen ionic wind used in a functioning drive that big! (I wonder if a close pass would make your hair stand up?)

Too bad the music for the video is the worst soft porn music I've ever heard in my life. :P

I don't think that kind of knowledge comes from exploring the world. :)

It all comes from the internets :P

Then again, she might have never heard that music, so anything I guess would be the worst...

I watched a lot of HBO's "Real Sex" and late night Cinemax with my best friend after she got cable. (No, not recently. I was 12 or 13.) And I kid you not, all the music sounds like that! I never watch that sort of thing anymore, but the video brought back memories, haha. I'm going to stop derailing threads with dirty nonsense now. :D

I have been crave to have new implement so long time and think that have considerably efficiency.

Babelfish make bad translation. We do not understand. Please, what language do you speak ?


May be launch platform within comming week according to schedule.

Launch WHAT?

Why can you not give a link to a site that describes the device, or at least post a picture or diagram of it?

Well It's serious matter

So, it's serious. So what? All you have given us is bad Babel-English. Please, give us some hard data.

...I...I think he might be a bot?

Bleedin' pointless one, though.

Unless - could this be the first fumbling discourses of a new sentience? Is this the voice of the Web, spontaneously self-aware through the random connections of billions of web pages and computers?

Are we making contact with a new species?

Has Instructables given birth to the cyberbeast that will destroy humanity???

(Or have I just had too much caffeine tonight?)

Caffeine is good only in small doses, Kiteman ;-)

Awww, do I have to give up my coffee too ?

I have 0 caffeine... I don't know how I do it... I used to drink a ton of iced tea, and I prolly got some from that, but I don't need it... I drink a ton of soda though -- more of a thirst quencher... same with the iced tea... Based on my calculations, I drink 1.5L a day :P... only about 200mL of that is consumed during school (@ lunch)... Wow... I never realized how much soda I drink :P (Its not the soda itself, iced tea is definantly better...)

Well, to be perfectly honest, I don't drink as much as I illustrated in the link :-) maybe a cup or two a day (granted it is brewed very dark and strong....)

But I bet you eat pounds of Tetra's jello shots? :P

Jello shots ? Haven't heard of them (when I was younger, I was a bit of a No-Doz and Vivarin addict (caffeine tablets). I worked long hours and went to school for just as long, 5 days a week.....the worst 48 weeks of my life.

Doctors say, 4 or more cups of filter coffee per day is addiction-level.

Back when I had a proper job, I had a filter coffee machine in my office.

I'd arrive at work, make a jug and drink it while I caught up with the over night lab results. 11am, coffee break, another jug. Lunch, 3pm, more jugs.

I was drinking up to eight litres of filter coffee per day.

At home, I had a stove-top espresso maker, which made 6 espressos at a time. Did you know that 6 espressos just fill a normal mug? That was my bedtime drink, after which I'd sleep like a log.

When I went into teaching, I went cold turkey, had a few days of headaches, then I was fine. For my first year as a student teacher, I drank neither tea nor coffee - my preferred beverage was mint tea. On the odd occasion I had a Coke, it made me so hyped up that switched to stream-of-conciousness speech, which tended to leave others a bit dazed...

I went cold turkey, had a few days of headaches

I have tried that, but it seems to trigger monstrous cluster headaches that last for more than 4 days, and I get sick to the stomach, etc.

My coffee drinking, while I smoked, actually helped me out as caffeine is helpful in keeping the lungs and bronchial tubes clear (a tip for asthmatics, if you are away without your meds, and have an attack, a cup of strong coffee can help until you get to the hospital). Now I don't have a use for it, since I haven't smoked for over 5 years. It was easier for me to stop smoking than to quit the coffee, to be honest *sigh*

... bronchial tubes ...

Hmmm, both myself and my Head have had voice problems, and have been advised to avoid coffee and chocolate, since both promote the formation of thicker mucus (phlegm) and hinder breathing.

(I have elected to igore the advice, being of the opinion that a bar of Fruit and Nut constitutes a balanced breakfast.)

In asthma, it is not the mucus that is the problem but the throat literally and physically constricts. So anything that acts as a bronchodilator helps with the symptoms. Theo-Dur tablets are used to quell severe attacks but are not fast acting. If one was without their tabs, and their "puffer", and had an attack, they could stave it off with coffee since caffeine acts to stimulate the same area (as well as other areas). This is only a stop gap though to get you to somewhere for treatment. If you have ever seen someone on Theo-Dur that reacts to stimulants, they are normally very "nervous" looking (chihuahua syndrome LOL). Now, I have never really heard that coffee causes mucus, but milk does, so if you must have cream in your coffee.....well :-) I will have to research that though.

Sorry, not replying to anything, I just got this sudden urge to see how far right the comments can go. :)
Think I had a little too much caffeine too

I suspect eventually there will be only one letter listed on top of another, and a space between words, so we will have to read "top down" so to speak LOL

For some reason, this chain is acting differently than the "counting" one, on the blow-up snapple ible...

Because of the use of words and not simply individual digits ?

They used words like "twenty-fifthed"

There's been at least one revision of the site's software since that thread - maybe that's why.

And I just got this entire conversation in my email inbox ;-)

It makes me feel good having 24 emails when I check it ;-)

This thread is getting further and further off my screen - it's getting quite an effort to find the end of the thread to read it!

How far are you going to explore the right side of this page ?? (I wonder if we could find an alternative route to India this way ...)


I don't know, but I just refreshed 3 times because I thought the page was coming up blank


Then I noticed the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen *sigh*

Anyone can see here message even if he is other member.