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airsoft gun under $100? Answered

please help . I need a good airsoft aeg under 100 dollars . I like m4s thomsons galils and mp5s
please also give a link or write a link to the website it is on .and also is the crosman nightprowler good.



6 years ago

Well I found a Pulse 76 airsoft gun that looks EXACTLY like a AK-74U and it has 375 FPS all for 100$

Your best bet is to shop on a reliable airsoft website like airsoftgi.com or airsoftmegastore.com

look in dicks sporting goods for the tri shot shotgun they have its about 350-380 FPS and it around 65$, and it actually uses fake shotgun shells filled with BBs (33 bbs per shell, and it loads 3 for each pump)

Thanks for all your answers also is the crosman 1077 good

Your best bet is Craigslist.

The price range that you're looking at is a wee bit too low to buy a decent new airsoft gun.

I know what you're thinking and I'll let you know that I've bought plenty of stuff off of Craigslist (even bought my car there).

To help you understand if the "Crosman Nightprowler" is good, I'll let you read my instructable on buying AEG's.


PLENTY of good airsoft guns on Craigslist, you just have to look.

Pyramyd Air has a fairly large selection of airsoft guns and pellet guns. You should be able to find plenty of choices of quality stuff to fit your $100 budget.

Can't help you on the nightprowler. In the past, I've always been impressed with Crosman's pellet guns, but I have no experience with their airsoft.